We're making all the same mistakes

Being best friends with Harry styles for three years can be quite a handful when the tabloids label you both secret lovers and people bombard you with questions on the relationship. But what if Jacquie and Harry did have a romantic relationship that was a secret to them as well? One of them locking away their emotions in order to save themselves from complete rejection and the other too blind to even realise the love connection. They'll take it for granted that they'll be the same. What will face them on their journey together? Happiness? This may be a story, but it isn't a fairy tale.


1. We're making all the same mistakes

It was 2am in the morning and I could hear my phone "when he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won't feel right" I groaned and reached over for the annoying apparatus and answered it with a moan, "Hello?" "Hey babe! Did I wake you up?" I rubbed my eyes, "Oh no Mr. Styles, it's just 2am. It's still early my friend." I answered sarcastically and I could hear him chuckle on the other side.

"I am very sorry Jac, I honestly forgot about the time difference." "Mmmhmm.." I closed my eyes and adjusted myself back into a sleeping position, "How's the tour? How're the boys doing? How are you?" His voice slightly more raspy than usual and he yawned before he answered, "The tour is good, the fans make it all worth while!! The lads are great, Niall misses your free food. Liam and Louis miss the girls and Zayn... Well..." There was a short pause from him, "Zayn and Perrie have been arguing a lot lately. He's upset that she doesn't trust him being on tour." "I see... Go on then, how are you feeling?" "Tired, babe, tired. But I'm hanging in there. I miss my best friend though." I giggled, "I miss you too! You'll be back in London in about a month and then I'll come visit you, yeah?" "Sounds good! Hey, I'll let you go alright? Wouldn't want you late for work in the morning because I kept you up! Good night Jacquie." "Night Harry!"

Zayn was having issues with Perrie, aye? I've never met her so I have no room to judge her at all, but she must be insane in threatening an early relationship with Zayn by saying she's worried about him cheating. She also sets herself up for being attacked by Zayn's fans if she accusses him of possible cheating.... Well she knows what she got herself into.

There was no point in me trying to get any sleep now with things on my mind. I walked into the kitchen and found Mandy asleep on the couch in the living room. She always got home around midnight because her boss kept her around for the late shifts at a low end modeling company, touching up the makeup of models who, hate to be blunt, but aren't taking their career anywhere special. That kind of job isn't what Mandy was made for she deserves so much more. She deserved a well rounded job at a top notch facility who didn't use her like a robot just because she was finally starting out on her career. She should be working for someone who wasn't a total tool.

I scratched my head for a minute and gently shimmied her phone out of her limp hand, then covered her with a blanket that she happily snuggled up to! Tiptoeing my way to the balcony I called her boss, telling him that she quit and for him to take his low end company and shove it. That man, grrr. He was the kind of prick every father wanted to keep their daughters far away from.

I walked back into the room and sat in then dining room with a cup of coffee I brewed earlier that night. I leaned back in my chair to peek out into the hallway that connected to the living room. Mandy grumbled in her sleep which made me crack a small smile. I anticipated the following hours of the early morning and I knew she may kill me when she wakes up and realizes she doesn't have a job anymore.. But I'm about to offer her a job that requires her to be close to someone she only ever dreamed of being with everyday.

I text Harry, "Hey, think you and the boys could use an extra makeup artist? -Jac xx"

Harry's POV 

I was surprised when I recieved a text from Jacquie. I felt sort of bad for being the reason she was not asleep again. Her text was sort of odd but I asked Paul if we needed or could use an extra makeup artist.. "I don't know Harry..." "don't you think that an extra makeup artist could benefit us in getting ready faster for interviewers and photoshoots?" Paul contemplated my idea in his mind, "you better not be doing this just to have an extra girl on the tour with us Harold." I shook my head as my curls bounced all around in my face, "Nooo! I'm asking as a favour for Jacquie, Paul!" "Oh, so it's one of Jacquie's friends then? Well then I say yes! We can use an extra makeup artist! Tell Jacquie she better come along to visit soon!" with that he walked off. Paul always had a soft spot for Jacquie, he treated her like she was his daughter. Not that she minded. She loved Paul just as much as the rest of us.

"oh!" I opened up my phone to text her back, "Sure thing. Think she could come up Around 3pm eastern time? You better pack your bags too, Paul only said she could come if you visit. ;) x"

Jacquie's POV 

Finally, I thought I would've screwed Mandy over if Management didn't need an extra makeup artist. I opened up the text and smiled at Paul wanting me to come visit. 

"Brilliant. See you soon Styles. I guess I'll take some time off work and try to get some sleep even though a certain someone made it nearly impossible. Haha! xx"

I left my phone on the table, washed out my coffee cup and shuffled my way on back to my room. Collapsing into the fluff that was my bed I buried myself within the feather like blankets and fell into a blissful sleep. I was delighted I'd be able to see my best friends soon. It's only been, oh I don't know... Two months? Stupid famous people and their world tours.
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