We're making all the same mistakes

Being best friends with Harry styles for three years can be quite a handful when the tabloids label you both secret lovers and people bombard you with questions on the relationship. But what if Jacquie and Harry did have a romantic relationship that was a secret to them as well? One of them locking away their emotions in order to save themselves from complete rejection and the other too blind to even realise the love connection. They'll take it for granted that they'll be the same. What will face them on their journey together? Happiness? This may be a story, but it isn't a fairy tale.


5. Chapter 5

Jacquie's POV
"Liam, daddy and mummy are fighting again!" Louis whined, legs sprawled across Harry, whose bum was crushing my stomach. Niall was happily eating his now third bag of Doritos, smirking at our entangled limbs. Out of no where I started laughing. "Jacquie? Why're you laughing?" I untangled myself from the boys an stood up and covered my mouth. Harry latched onto my ankle, "Why. Are. You. Laughing?" I looked at Mandy and then back at the boys trying hard not to talk too loudly, "Did you see the look on her face when they kissed? Oh my god. It was priceless! ... But the way she got mad at Zayn." my laughing ceased. She better not be trying to take control of him or telling him to stay away from Mandy. "Harold let go of me." quickly he released my ankle and I strutted my way over to the room they had entered.

Author's POV
"Uh oh... She had the look" Niall mumbled. "What's wrong? What look?" Harry turned to look at him. "Are you kidding me? You've known Jacquie longer than we have and you don't know that look?" Liam shook his head, "Harry, that look she had on before she walked off was her 'I am going to give them a piece of my Mind' look." Harry scrunched his face up at the boys. "No... You're pulling my leg" "I've only seen that look once. It was when Eleanor was pushed down by a girl and I was out of reach. She went off on that chick... Eleanor said it was funny. I was just glad I have never been on the receiving end." He shrugged. Harry looked at Mandy, "Have you ever seen it?" She chuckled, "We live in New York city. I see it almost everyday!" the five of them looked around at each other. "Who's getting the look then?" Harry was clueless. "Perrie." they all said in unison. 

Jacquie's POV
I walked in behind the argument, "Zayn how could you let that happen?! She kissed you and you just let her!" "No, she didn't kiss me I just fell on her and-" "Oh so YOU kissed her and let it happen. Okay." Zayn was getting frustrated, "It was an accident Perrie. We're playing twister. Someone hit my foot and I fell on top of her. That's it. Stop making a big deal about it!" Perrie scoffed at him, "it IS a big deal. Zayn... I don't want you talking to her or even-" 
"Hold up woman!!" This is where I stepped in. "I'm sorry to step in on your little couple quarrel, but what gives you the right to stop him from talking to Amanda?" 
"Did you not see them kiss?" "You didn't answer my question." Zayn decided to back up a bit, "He's my boyfriend. That's my right." I laughed, "Then you're delusional. If you were a proper girlfriend you wouldn't be so insecure about Zayn accidentally kissing her. He fell on her or were you too blinded by those overly thick lashes of yours to see what really happened?  If you weren't trying to control him all the time maybe you'd have a better relationship. Trust him. It usually stops a couple from breaking up." I walked out of the room and sat down next to Niall, sighing out of relief on getting how I felt off my chest. Zayn walked out of the other room and sat down on the floor, "Where did Perrie go?" "She turned in for the night. She had no more energy" The glances that Zayn and Mandy shared were quite obvious... Or I'm just very observant. 

Mandy's POV
We stayed up half the night playing games or watching the television. Niall actually shared his food with me which gave me a shock. Which then turned into him wrestling with Harry because he wanted a tad bit of it. Louis entertained everyone by pulling pranks on different people in his contacts list. We all did a twitcam which was hard since there was seven of us to fit on such a tiny screen. But it was all good fun anyways. Zayn and I talked a lot. He asked me things about New York. How long I've lived there, why makeup was my passion. I just felt like an open book for him to read. He even got me to open up on my insecurities. I felt safe with him and his smile always seemed to make my heart melt. The night went on and It was about three in the morning and everyone but Jacquie and I was asleep. Harry's head rested on Jacquie's stomach. "Does he always sleep on you?" "Pretty much.. I don't know how it started, but I never minded." Her hand was fully in his curls as she gently combed through them with her fingers. The rest of the boys were sprawled out around us, covered with duvets. "Hey Jacquie?" "Hmm?" I hesitated a second and watched as her eyes never left Harry's face. "You like him, don't you?" That's when she turned to look at me, "What? No, of course not..." her voice trailed off as her eyes turned back to his sleeping form, "Even if I did, once you're in the friend zone for three years you never get out." her tone was melancholy and all I did was frown, "You don't like him." she shook her head, "Then you love him." "like a brother." I sighed, "Don't you lie to me. Jacquie if you love him, tell him." "No." "aha! So you do love him." "Stop! Mandy just stop." she was looking at me now, "I'd rather stay in the safe friend zone than be hurt. I couldn't be with someone who's pictured with another girl every other week. I'd trust him with every fiber of my body. But, emotionally I can only take so much." "I know you though. If you loved him enough you wouldn't even let that get in your way of being with him." She bit at the corner of her lip before answering, "Even if I might be in love with him... I'm not going to take that chance." "You used 'in love' what about what that pap said about it bothering you to see him with those girls, does it?" her eyes pleaded with me to change the subject. "Okay.." knowing I couldn't go anywhere else with this I suggested we should sleep, even though our backs would hurt like hell in the morning I didn't budge from my place on the floor. "Good night" "night"

Jacquie's POV 
waking up to the sound of footsteps all around me caused my head to pound. Slowly opening my eyes I saw a very sleepy, curly haired mess in front of me. My heart seemed to flip when his eyes met mine. "Sorry to wake you love, but we have to get ready to go! We have an interview in two hours." he helped me up and I silently walked to the room I was supposed to sleep in that night. While I'm on tour with the boys I need to learn to get to sleep earlier than 3am. It took me about forty minutes to get ready so I made my way Out into the main room and pulled on my Toms. Mandy was sitting on the couch talking to Niall, "I'm going to make you look like a pretty princess when I do your makeup Niall." "Okay as long as the eyeshadow you use brings out the blue in my eyes. I want them to shine!" He said this in the most girlish voice possible as he batted his lashes. Mandy threw her head back in laughter. "You both are hilarious." I stated, trying to hold back my own laughter. "He shared his food with me last night!" "Shhh! Mandy I don't want anyone to know! Then they'll start asking for my food." she covered her mouth, still giggling which muffled her apology. Paul opened up the door to the suite and popped his head in, "Everyone ready?" "Louis and Zayn are still getting ready Paul." Perrie exclaimed as she came walking out. "Lou! Zayn! Let's go, you're taking too long. We have to go in thirty minutes!" Louis came waltzing in with Zayn close behind, "We're done!" Paul fully opened the door as each boy proceeded to walk out of the suite. Perrie clung onto Zayn like Velcro, still seeming to be on rocky grounds with one another. Mandy and I grabbed her makeup and walked out the door. "Thanks Paul!" "very welcome ladies." we all started heading towards the elevator. All of security was down in the lobby waiting for us. The elevator was small and Since there were so many of us we had to take two separate ones. Louis and Liam stayed back with us while Zayn, Perrie, Paul and Harry went along with another guard. "When is Dani and El coming on the tour?" "Danielle is coming in two week so you won't be able to see her until we go to New York city next month. We're finishing our tour there." I nodded and looked at Louis, "What about your fair Juliet, Romeo?" "She's coming next week.." I slumped as we entered the elevator, "I won't see either of them! I'm leaving Saturday!"

Once the elevator got to the lobby we were greeted by an army of Directioners. Thankfully since it was the hotel lobby they created a path for us to walk through and then we made it outside. This was the worse part. Although most meant well, I hated the way they never made any room for the boys to walk. If they loved them so much why would they endanger their idols safety? With the help of security we pushed through the crowd and got to the second car. The boys rode together while Perrie, Mandy and I rode in a separate one. Talk about awkward. I cleared my throat, "Did you make up with Zayn?" she looked out the window, "No, he's barely spoken two words to me. I think what you said to me last night went into his brain. He must be questioning the relationship now." "if you apologise maybe he won't be questioning it so much. You can fix this you know." After that I got no response. A silence was held for the rest of the car ride.

Harry's POV
Louis was glancing at me multiple times and whispering to Liam. I was getting agitated. "Would you two just spit it out already! I'm tired of the whispering!" Liam frowned, "Fine Mr. Grumpy pants. Did you hear Mandy and Jacquie talking last night?" I shook my head, "No why?" Louis sighed and shook his head, "She's in love with someone!" I don't know why but my breath caught in my throat and my chest tightened. I brushed it off, "okay? What about it?" the rest of the boys groaned and I thought I heard Louis mumble that I was blind or something "I don't care, it's her love life!" "She's your best mate though." I only shrugged and looked out the window. "We're here." Paul turned around from the front seat, telling us to stay as close together as possible to each other. Sign what we want and get moving. The girls were already inside waiting for us. Mandy would be close to the set waiting for us. Stepping out of the car was insane, the fans always seemed to put a smile on my face. We signed what we could and took numerous pictures. Getting into the building I was met with a smiling face and my own smile grew bigger, "Haz you and the boys always do so well with the fans." "Thanks babe! I appreciate that. Where's Mandy?" "That's right, you boys have to get all dolled up! She's right over here. Follow me! Zayn stop making kissy faces at the fans, do you want them to faint?" she giggled and my chest went into a knot like it had in the car, but this felt like a good one? Weird. Why was this happening all of a sudden? Harold Edward Styles. Stop.

We followed her to the back of the building and there was Mandy just waiting for us. She was talking to Lou, our Hair dresser and other make up artist. Caroline came up and grabbed my hand, "Hey lovely?" "Caroline! Are we getting ourselves dressed up more?" "Yeah! Louis you come with me as well. Niall, Liam you go over to Lou I don't have another outfit for you to wear so she'll get your hair and makeup done. Zayn you follow Jacquie!" "Bye Jacquie!!" "Bye Harry have fun!"

Mandy's POV
Lou's station was farther down from mine so she took Liam to her chair while Niall stood next to her and I waited for one of the boys to fill mine. Then I saw Jacquie coming my way with mr sight for sore eyes himself. "Zayn, you'll be in Mandy's chair. When she's done with you just go on over to Caroline." He nodded and sat down in my chair, Jacquie walked away although I wanted her to stay there next to me. "Hello gorgeous!" "hello yourself." Though my heart was beating i felt comfortable around him. I looked at him in the mirror, "How am I supposed to make this already perfect face look more perfect? Is it possible?" I can't believe I just said that. Surprisingly he started blushing and so did I. I spun him around to face me, and started adding whatever makeup I deemed necessary. The whole time I was applying his makeup he was staring at me and I chuckled, "Is there something on my face?" "Oh no! Uhm.. I'm sorry about last night. She didn't say anything to you in the car did she?" Butterflies enveloped my stomach as I remembered the perfect accidental kiss that occurred last night. "you don't have to apologise," I mumbled, "Perrie didn't say anything. I'm sure she doesn't like me though. I can't see why. I'm not a threat or anything." he scrunched up his face at my statement, "Why aren't you a threat?" I turned him back to face the mirror, "Because I'm not as pretty as she is and I'm not... I don't know. I'm not her." A short moment of silence and I sighed, "You're all done." Zayn stood up from his seat and looked at me with those riveting brown eyes of his and smiled, "Amanda you're gorgeous. Don't ever think otherwise, love. Just because you aren't Perrie doesn't mean anything." He kissed my cheek and my heart rate increased. "Have confidence in yourself." he smiled and made his way over to Caroline. I swear I can't breathe right now. 

Author's POV
Perrie once again got on Zayns case for kissing Mandy's cheek. He started to get angrier the more she spoke about how unfaithful he was. Finally he just snapped, "If you're so unhappy with me then why the hell are you still with me Perrie?! I can never do anything right with you. Harry told me what you said to him at the airport. You can't let me just have any friends who happen to be girls without breathing down my neck! I could smile at a girl walking down the street just to be friendly and you automatically think I'm flirting or trying to pick her up. I'm sick and tired of it." before Perrie could process all that was shouted at her the lads were finally announced for their interview. Thankfully this talk show host spoke English fluently so they didn't need to have a translator in their ear, "everyone welcome the hottest boy band in the world... One Direction!!" At the start of the interview everything was about the fans and when their new album would be released and how it was coming along. Then the relationship topics came up. "I've seen some interesting pictures and twitter trends" while you all have been in Sweden." Louis rose his eyebrow, "then it's safe to say you are the one who has been stalking us and watching me sleep?" That gave the audience a nice laugh and the host shook his head chuckling, "Yes Louis. You have caught me! But, it is More to do with Harry Styles and his friend Jacquelyn Valdes." Jacquie cringed when the host used her full first name. She hated it. "She was on the plane that crashed on our airport runway, right?" All five boys chimed in a solemn, "Yeah.." "How uh, How did you feel Harry when you found out?" "it was really scary not being able to get to her. I felt so helpless. Her phone ended up calling Liam while it was still crashing and the last thing we all heard was a scream. Zayn and I went to the airport immediately. I needed to see her." An awe emerged from the audience which made Harry blush and the lads chuckle. "here's a picture of you carrying her through the crowd of fans." Everyone's eyes turned to the screen behind them that showed Jacquie's face buried in his neck and a very Serious Mr. Styles trying to get through everyone. "You're very protective of her?" "I guess you could say that." The host leaned closer to the couch the lads sat on and eyed Harry, "Now comes the question everyone wants to know.... Do you like her more than just a friend?" Jacquie was biting her lip anxiously for the answer, just like the crowd was. The boys were even leaning in and focusing their attention on Harry for his answer. "We are only friends, so no. I do not." Jacquie's hopeful expression dropped. "Well Harry, do you think you will ever develop feelings for her? You two are pretty close!" He only shook his head, "We already have a perfect friendship. Why ruin it with a relationship that may not work?" Mandy glanced at Jacquie whose eyes never left Harry's. "What did I tell you?" she mumbled, "Once you're in the friend zone.. You can never get out." she wiped a tear from her eye and exhaled heavily to calm herself down a little. "Paul I'm going for a walk." "Be safe! Call me or any one of the lads if you need to!" he called. She only nodded and exited through the back of the building. 

"That's upsetting, maybe there's another perfect girl out their for you!" Harry gave a half smile, "Maybe!" "On to the next man I've been hearing about! Zayn Malik, my friend, How are you and Perrie?" This whole time Zayn had been looking at Mandy who was shooting him goofy facial expressions in order to cheer him up from his recent fight. "Zayn are you with us?" Tearing his attention away from her he looked at the host, "Oh i'm sorry! What was the quesion?" The host smiled and repeated the question, "Uh, well... We have our many differences. Lately we haven't been getting along." "Really now? Perhaps you'll be on the market soon?" before answering Zayn glanced over at Perrie then looked directly into Mandy's eyes. "Perhaps. I might have found someone who accepts me for me. Someone who trusts me, despite who I am." he turned back to the host and smiled, "But that's all I'm saying on that" everyone in the audience laughed and someone even yelled "You tease!!"

"Alright Zayn, what's with this new gorgeous lady? Amanda Santiago's her name?" "uh, yes that's her name! She's quite an amazing person. Very sweet. We all got on with her at the word go." Liam leaned in, "Niall even shared his food with her. He NEVER shares his precious food!"

Harry's POV
Finally the interview was completed, I made my way over to the back with the lads and looked for Jacquie but I couldn't find her. "Mandy have you seen Jacquie?" She hesitated to answer, "She left." "Why?" "Because you're blind." Why is everyone saying I'm blind today!?" I groaned. "I guess she'll just meet us for lunch then?" "I doubt it Harry." I walked over to Zayn who seemed to be having yet another heated argument with Perrie. "What did you mean perhaps? And who were you talking about?" "It all depends on how you treat me while you're here Perrie. You either change your attitude on how you feel when I'm talking to a girl and when I'm on tour without you or I'm done." Perrie look flustered but she apologised and said she'd try.

Jacquie's POV
I was angry. But why? We weren't a couple. I knew that I'd always be just a friend to Harry. If I knew all this why did I become so dramatic by leaving the studio. God, I'm so stupid. I sat down at a small coffee shop just across from the studio building. It was a quiet, quaint sort of place and I immediately felt more relaxed. Just then a tall man stood right in front of me. "Jacquie? Jacquie Valdes?" I studied him for a little while and noticed who he was, "Oh my god Ryan! I haven't seen you in forever!" I stood up and gave him a tight hug. "What are you doing in Sweden!?" "I moved here two years after high school graduation. I needed new scenery. I was tired of Florida. I heard you moved to New York?" I nodded, not being able to get rid of the grin I wore, "Yes that's right! So how have you been?" "I've been great actually. I become a very successful translator!" "So you got your dream job, rolling in the cash. Haha." we stayed silent for awhile, just taking each other in. "How about I take you around for a little while Jacquie? Do you have time?" "Of course I do! I'd make time for you even if I didn't Ryan. I haven't seen you since High School after all." I locked arms with him and we stepped out of the coffee shop. Uttering stupid memories we had together, laughing at our old high school selves. 

Harry's POV
We had just gotten back in the car and started to drive off when Niall pointed out the window, "Isn't that Jacquie? Who's that guy she has her arm wrapped around?" I looked out the window and sure enough there was Jacquie, hanging onto some tall guy. They were laughing and seemed to be having fun. The tightness in my chest came for the third time in the last two hours. I rolled down the window and yelled her name, "Jacquie! Hey, Jacquie!" Her eyes met mine and I smiled but she only averted her own and turned her attention back on the mystery guy. I felt my heart sink as the car got further away and she went out of sight.

She had ignored me. Why did she ignore me?

Just want to let you all know my Perrie character is not how I actually think Perrie is. She is just created this way for my story purposes!
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