We're making all the same mistakes

Being best friends with Harry styles for three years can be quite a handful when the tabloids label you both secret lovers and people bombard you with questions on the relationship. But what if Jacquie and Harry did have a romantic relationship that was a secret to them as well? One of them locking away their emotions in order to save themselves from complete rejection and the other too blind to even realise the love connection. They'll take it for granted that they'll be the same. What will face them on their journey together? Happiness? This may be a story, but it isn't a fairy tale.


4. Chapter 4

Jacquie's POV 
I wrapped my arms around Harry and took in his warmth. His face was buried in my neck and a muffled groan came from him. "What was that?" He pulled away and looked at me for a second, his eyes filling with light tears again, "Hazza, please... I'm fine." "NO! Don't tell me that. Have you seen your head? You could have a concussion." I sighed, "If I had one I'd be going to the hospital. Now please," I reached up and whipped away a stray tear, "I came here to bring Mandy her dream job and to be here with my best friend and my other four brothers. Okay? I don't want this to stop anything!"

Harry's POV
Jacquie and her damn people pleaser attitude. She doesn't realise I-..we could have lost her. "Harry you're lost in thought again." I realised I was staring at her for a little while. "Okay, I'm sorry.." I rubbed the back of my neck and brought her over to the other three. "Mandy! Are you okay!? Were you hurt at all?" Jacquie threw questions at Mandy and attacked her in a hug. "Ay dios mio. I promise you I'm okay!" Jacquie pulled away with a relieved smile and I could see her wince a little from pain. She must have gotten a migraine from the head injury. Zayn poked her in the side and looked at both her and Mandy, "you both gave us quite a scare you know." Jacquie laid her head on his shoulder, "I'm sorry if we got your quiff in a tussle Zayn." He smirked and squeezed her tight, "And I am sorry if I'm squeezing you to death right now Miss Valdes!" "need.... Air...." Before I could pull her away a very worried Paul picked her up from Zayn's grip. "Next time I'm making sure there are clear skies for your flight and I'm going to send you in a private jet. You are never getting on another airline where you can get hurt like that! No!" Paul was so protective of Jacquie it was normal for interviewers to ask us if she was actually his daughter... Mandy just stood there and smiled, "You all are so adorable!" I returned her smile and looked over at Zayn who was blushing like mad. What was that? Then my gaze turned to Mandy who was looking at him the same way, with the same rose coloured cheeks. My hand covered my mouth as I muffled my laugh. Perrie was going to have a swell time with this lovely lady. "Jacquie?" Paul put her down and she turned with a sweet smile. "Hmm?" it took only a mere second for me to pick her up and place her on my back. "we have to get out of here." She was shocked, "Harry! Put me down!" Paul looked at me weirdly, but then he noticed the flash of cameras and the sea of girls start to approach then security guard mode came into play. "Jacquie, keep your head down.. I don't want you getting even more hurt." she whispered an "ok" and buried her head on my back and held on to my shoulders tightly. Paul kept us together while he kept the paparazzi away. 

Zayn's POV
Without really thinking it through I grabbed Mandy's hand and pulled her close to me. "Stay close and keep your head down, love. This could get out of hand within seconds." she squeezed my hand and snaked it around my arm instead. Smart girl. My heart was beating faster again as I kept her close. Surprisingly Paul hadn't pulled us apart for unneeded labels in the press. He assumed it was harmless and for the time being so did I. But this feeling I kept getting whenever I looked at her and whenever we seemed to touch... It was overwhelming. All I knew was that the rest of this tour was going to be lively with three girls as company. Just then I saw a "fan" pull at Mandy's hair. "Ouch!" I placed my hand gently on the top of her head and pulled her even closer. "Are you okay?" it took her awhile to answer before she just nodded her head. "We're almost to the car I promise." "How do you guys do this everyday?" "You see Paul here? Well there's usually about eight more." I let out a light chuckle and finally we got into the car. Paul, quite literally, squealed out of that airport parking lot. Harry kept asking Jacquie if she was alright, checking her head, making sure she wasn't dizzy. You think after three years of sexual tension the bloke would ask her out. Like she was reading my mind, Mandy leaned over and whispered, "What's up with the lovebirds?" I looked over and smiled, "it's been like this ever since they met. They are best friends but don't know how they actually feel." I mumbled.

Jacquie's POV
"Well someone made my lap a pillow." "I'm tired! We had a concert before we came to get you two you know!" I played with his curls and smiled, "At least my plane... 'landed' earlier than expected." his eyes were closing... "I should be the one falling asleep on you Styles! I'll be having serious jet lag traveling from America to Sweden... Haz?" but before I could push the lazy lug off of me I heard his breathing get heavy and his chest began to rise and fall in small intervals. I caught myself staring at his sleeping face and a smile crept across my face, "He's adorable when he sleeps." oh god. Did I just say that out loud? Why did I even say that? I turned to look at Zayn and Mandy to see if they had heard but they were leaning on each other, fast asleep, arms still locked. "Everyone's asleep Paul." He nodded, "It's been a long day, love. They have another one when they wake up! Oh, all the luggage will be at the hotel before we get there. And I know it's late but you might want to give one of the boys a quick call. They must still be worried." I sighed, so much ruckus this stupid flight caused. Can't wait to see tomorrow's head lines. And with Mandy and Zayn with their arms locked. Shit.. Twitter is probably blowing up too. I don't have my phone.. Mandy must have it. I gently pulled Harry's phone out of his pocket and used it to first call Liam. "Harry! What took so long? Are the girls okay?" I only gave a slight giggle, "Why, Flashing Toothbrush Master, Mandy and I are perfectly all right and on our way back to the hotel." I heard Liam running about the hotel room yelling to whomever else was listening, "they're okay!!! They're okay!!!" then he returned back to talking to me, "How's Harry? Distraught still?" "No actually, he's asleep in my lap!" He laughed, "Typical. How about Zayn?" "Uhm, well." I heard Perrie in the background, "can you please ask her why 'Zayn-Getting-Close-Mandy' is trending on Twitter!?" "Is she seriously going to ask me that?" Liam coughed, "I guess J" "Well put me on speaker." "You're on!" "Perrie, it's trending because Zayn was protecting Mandy from fans when they started to swarm us. Like a gentleman. You should be a proud girlfriend who TRUSTS her boyfriend." I heard her grumble and then Liam's voice came out in a hushed tone, "Jacquie, just be sure to keep Mandy away from Perrie. This could get ugly. Oh, Harry and Jacquie Styles is trending" He snickered. "Oh. Lovely. Like I'd really marry Harold." "The fans know everything. By the way, Niall's looking forward to your cooking!" Niall only likes me for my food.. Haha, "Great to be on your for a week with you boys. See you in a bit Mr. Payne! Bye bye!" "byyye!"

I opened up Harry's twitter app and saw the trends Liam and Perrie were going on about. They sort of made me giggle. I decided to take a picture of Harry and posted it as his tweet with the comment, "I like to sleep on my best friend even though she has extreme jet lag! :) xx" I put his phone back in his trouser pocket and leaned my head back against the seat. "We're here Jacquie" I sat up blinking repeatedly. I must've started to doze off. "Do you mind waking up Harold and Zayn for me?" "Not at all!" I turned around and shook Zayn's knee a bit and whispered, "Zayn... Zayn. Wake up" he only grumbled in response and I rolled my eyes. "Zayn.. I broke your mirror" He sighed, "That's not a funny Joke..." I smiled as his eyes opened. "can you wake up Mandy for me?" he nodded and I turned back around to look at Harry. I placed my hand on one side of his neck and started tickling him a bit, "Haaarryyyy. Wake up sleepy head. We're at the hotel." he twitched a little and opened his eyes, "morning beautiful!"  He sat up, "oh we're at the hotel. Paul?" "yes?" rubbing his eyes he yawned, "Is there more security? I don't want the girls getting hurt. Mandy had her hair pulled at the airport." "We have loads here, especially paparazzi are swarming the entrance due to the flight."

Zayn's POV
She looked so peaceful lying on my shoulder. It was so cute.  "Mandy?" I tried to whisper so I didn't startle her but she wouldn't budge! I traced my fingertips along her neck. I saw the goosebumps rise on her arms and on her face grew a tiny smile and her eyes slowly opened. "Hello sleepy head" Mandy's eyes widened and she pulled herself up. "I'm so sorry for falling asleep on you!" "It's alright love, we fell asleep on each other!" Mandy looked outside the window and she saw all of the fans and the flashing of cameras and leaned into me, "that's worse than the airport. How are we supposed to get through all of this with just Paul?" I rubbed her back, "just watch.." she looked at me a bit confused and all I did was point back to the window. Mandy's head turned to the window and saw as a pathway cleared through the sea of fans. "wow.. How many security guards are out there?" "looking at the size of the crowd about ten or eleven." Paul then turned around to look at us, "you four ready?" All us nodded. We jumped out of the vehicle and I held onto Mandy's hand. "Zayn! Keep up!" I felt Jacquie grab onto my spare hand to keep the four of us together. 

Author's POV
"Zayn!" "Zayn! How's the relationship with you and Perrie?"
Another pap decided to try and push their way to them. "Perrie still accusing you of cheating? Are you and Amanda a soon to be item?" Mandy leaned closer to Zayn who's hand was tight around hers, "Don't listen to them Zayn." 

"Harry! How does Jacquie feel about all the countless women you've been caught with?" "Jacquie! Jacquie! How does it make you feel when Harry flirts with his fans and older women?" Jacquie only smirked, "Why would it bother me?" "Jacquie don't bother with them." Zayn tugged at her hand a bit and she shook her head. "But Harry and I aren't even dating-" "Then how would you feel if Harry did date someone?" "His life. His choice." Finally getting into the hotel Paul told them to quickly go up to the rooms and he'd keep away the other fans that decided to wait inside of the hotel lobby. However, back in the hotel suite Perrie was pacing the room, "What's taking them so long Liam? I thought they were already on their way?" Liam sighed, "Perrie, you've got to calm down I'm sure they're just getting through security." "okay fine." Niall came from the mini bar eating a bag of Doritos, "I'm sure they'll be here any minute Perrie." She nodded, "Nialler, can I have some of those? I'm famished" He looked down, "My Doritos? Should know by now I don't share my food. There's more in the mini bar." Louis patted her on the head, "Silly Perrie, chips are for Niall." Then Harry bust through the door, "The party, has arrived!" Jacquie popped in around Harry "Hi guys!" "Jacquie!!" Louis picked her up, spun her around ever so gently. Liam came over and checked her head, "oh my god! What happened to you?" "Just a little scratch is all! I'm perfectly fine" Her smile was bright as Liam kissed her on the cheek, "We're so glad you and Mandy are all right!" Niall poked Jacquie's arm, "speaking of Mandy, where is she?" A voice came from the hallway, "She's here with me!" Zayn pulled Mandy in by the hand and if Mandy didn't know better she could feel eyes burning into her. But being a tad shy she chose not to look around the room, knowing it was Perrie's eyes  boring into her. "MANDY!" Three boys all embraced her in a big group hug. "I need to come on tour with you boys more often. I like the warm welcome." "Of course! We all welcome you to our tiny family" Mandy was smiling and blushing all at the same time. Mostly overwhelmed by five wonderful boys welcoming her to their team and living her dream. 

"Zayn baby.." Perrie called for him with her finger wagging him over to her. "Oh, hey babe." He walked over to her, slowly letting go of Mandy's hand and into Perrie's arms. "I've missed you. You were gone awhile." "Yeah, the girls needed me and I ne-" Perrie silenced him with a kiss and Jacquie rolled her eyes, "Don't blind me with PDA please.." Perrie shot a small glare at her which Jacquie returned with ease. Zayn only chuckled and deliberately pulled away from her. 

Mandy's POV
I looked down at my feet when Louis cleared his throat "Let's play a game!" you whipped your head at him and clapped your hands, "Yes!" "I wanna play twister!" Niall raised his hand at Liam's suggestion, "I second that!" "Jacquie, Harry, are you two going to play?" "We're game! What about you and Perrie, Zayn?" Zayn glance at her and she shook her head. I wanted Zayn to play and not be held back because of Perrie. He really looked like he wanted to play.. "Don't worry Perrie, I'll have him back to you before you start having withdrawals, hun" Jacquie pulled him into the group as Liam laid down the twister map and brought out the spinner.  "Who's going first?" I looked around and no one wanted to be the first sucker to start the web of limbs. "Oh fine! Ladies first then!" I stood on the edge of the twister map and waited, "Go for it Niall! Spin!" I watched as he spun the dial and I leaned back and forth impatiently, waiting for it to stop "Mandy, right foot red." Awesome! Easy start. I planted my right foot on the red circle, smiling at the five boys. "who's next, huh?" I raised my eyebrow and scanned the room. Zayn threw his hands up, "I'll go!!!" Niall turned the dial again. "Zayn, right hand blue."
I smirk as he bent down and smacked his hand down on the blue circle. As the game went on Liam put his left foot on blue next to Zayn's hand and Louis is instructed to put his left hand on red. Harry and Jacquie were the first once who were starting to tangle the group. 
I somehow ended up underneath Zayn and I couldn't help but blush at how close his lips were to mine. "Okay Louis, right hand... green." Niall shouted with a chuckle. "Ugh, you're kidding? I don't even think that's possible." Louis groaned. He attempted to move his hand but ended up accidently knocking Zayn's foot and Zayn fell. He landed right on top of me and his lips and mine were pressed together in the process. We both went wide eyed with shock and Zayn pulled back quickly. Everyone fell on each other as Zayn and I stood up and Perrie yelled, "Zayn!!" She was angry, very angry.. She stomped off into the other room and Zayn quickly followed. I covered my mouth, but not in shock. I was trying to hide my smile that refused to disappear. Even if it was an accident, my lips met Zayn's. 
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