We're making all the same mistakes

Being best friends with Harry styles for three years can be quite a handful when the tabloids label you both secret lovers and people bombard you with questions on the relationship. But what if Jacquie and Harry did have a romantic relationship that was a secret to them as well? One of them locking away their emotions in order to save themselves from complete rejection and the other too blind to even realise the love connection. They'll take it for granted that they'll be the same. What will face them on their journey together? Happiness? This may be a story, but it isn't a fairy tale.


3. Chapter 3

My eyes shot open to a sudden scream from a passenger and a jolt of pain through my hand. I looked down and Mandy was squeezing my hand so tight it was becoming numb. She was crying but not hysterically like everyone else. Every thing was in slow motion for me as I realised the plane was crashing. The emergency oxygen masks deployed and everyone got them on securely. Looking around at the chaos with the plane shaking erratically, children screaming for their moms, hysteric crying, and people telling their families 'I love you' like it was their last minutes of life. I gripped Mandy's hand with my now numb one and yelled over the thunderous voices, "Mandy calm down! We'll be fine! Everything will be just fine. Just close your eyes and this will be over soon!" I glanced at her from the corner of my eye and she was doing as I said, breathing quickly but trying to calm herself. I was trying to keep myself from having a panic attack and so far it was working. I was focusing on keeping me and my breathing calm... Well, as calm as you can be when your damn plane is crashing. 

Liam's POV 
I was so tired. Ending the long day with a brilliant concert. Everything was really great today. I started to nod off on the tour bus when my phone rang. Jacquie? Shouldn't she be on her flight still? "Hello?" all I heard was screaming and crying in the background. "Jacquie!? Jacquie, what's going on!? Are you all okay??!! JACQUIE!!!" By now I was panicking and everyone was surrounding me. "Liam!! What's going on?!" I shook my head as I put the call on speakerphone. Above all the screaming, you heard what must have been the flight attendant or the pilot, "PLEASE EVERYONE TRY AND STAY CALM. WE'RE GOING IN FOR A CRASH LANDING. BRACE YOURSELVES FOR IMPACT!!" 
"JACQUIE!! MANDY!! CAN YOU HEAR US!?" Paul yelled over the phone. There's no way they'd hear us. The look on everyone's face was filled with horror. Harry had slight tears in his eyes. I turned away to look back down at the phone with tears that threatened to fall as well, "If you can hear us please tell us you guys are okay!! Girls!"

Jacquie's POV
Though my head was pressed firmly against the seat I saw a light in my pocket. My phone was lit through my jeans, I pulled it out and I was in the middle of a call with Liam. My spare hand, shaking insanely I place it hard against my ear, yelling into the mouth piece, "Liam!?"

Harry's POV
When we heard her voice all of us sighed in relief for a brief second, "Jacquie! How are you and Mandy are you alright!?" Liam yelled so they could hear us, "Besides our plane crashing-" the line started to break up. "Can you hear me boys!?" I choked out a yes as my throat started closing with tears. Niall had his shirt over his eyes and he was trying to pull himself together. He yelled through his shirt, "Are you guys going to be okay!?" knowing Jacquie she was going to talk positively for everyone else's sake even if she thought differently.

Jacquie's POV
In the back of my mind the worst horrors told me that we might die. But I wouldn't say that to them. I couldn't say that to them. I wouldn't believe it myself. "I-I'm sure we'll be fine." The plane started to decline rapidly and I let out a sharp gasp as my seatbelt dug into my gut when I launched forward. "Jacquie!?" I heard Zayn yell and slammed my body back against the seat, eyes glued shut. Mandy now spoke, "Jacquie... What if we don't make it?" "Mandy we'll be okay I swear to you. We'll be... We'll be okay." I could hear the shakiness in my voice as everyone around us closed their eyes and let the plane crash while they muffled their sobs with their oxygen masks. Then Harry spoke, "Talk to us.. Please. Tell us what's happening." "Nothing Haz," I lied. I didn't know how hard we were going to crash or if the impact was fatal. "The landing will be fine and then-" Every passenger on the plane screamed, including Mandy and I as the plane slammed down onto what seemed like land and I dropped my phone. Someone screaming my name was the last thing I heard before my head slammed into the side window as the plane screeched down the concrete sideways then, everything around me went black. 

Authors POV 
The boys were in shock. Standing or sitting, staring at the phone. Zayn shot up from Perrie's side and grabbed his phone and wallet. "Who's coming with me?" Perrie grabbed his arm, "Where are you going? We don't even know where they crashed!" He held the bridge of his nose, "You're right.. Dammit." Liam quietly stood up and turned on the small television they had, switching it to a news channel. Thankfully instead of having to figure out what they were saying in Swedish they had English subtitles. He sat down again fidgeting with his phone. Harry was sitting at the small dining table with his face in his hands. Louis sat across from him just trying to calm him down, "I should have made them take the next flight out. That would've saved the-" "Stop it." Louis cut him off, "Nothing happened to them. I'm sure they're safe." Harry was silent now, texting Jacquie for the fifth time. "GUYS GUYS!" Liam yelled as he stared at the television, "The airplane crashed at the airport! It's on the runway, they have medics everywhere." Niall looked over at Liam, "What about the passengers? Are they all okay?" Liam nodded happily, "Everyone's okay! No one died!" "Liam, what are they doing with all the passengers? Have they said?" Zayn spoke up, still ready to leave and pick Mandy and Jacquie up or visit them at a hospital if it came down to it. "Some passengers are being transported to the hospital and others, if they're stable enough, are having people called to come get them." he turned to look at the rest of the lads and sighed heavily, "Either way, one of us should be receiving a call sooner or later." Pushing his curls back Harry spoke up, with obvious tears to choke back, "Sooner would be preferable." 

Perrie looked around at all the sadness, "Boys, please don't be upset, the girls are okay. As soon as we get a call let's go and get them okay?" "If they're at the airport still they won't let us all in. Especially with the commotion WE will cause." Harry stood up. "I'm going now." Paul looked at him shocked, "No Harry, wait for them to ring us!" "No. She's my best friend and I'm not letting her be there with some strangers or go to the hospital not knowing what's going on. I'm sure Mandy isn't in good shape either! Both of them would want someone to talk to if not each other."

Paul stared at him and rubbed the back of his neck. "Alright, let me tell the driver and we can call a car to come pick us up. In the mean time, Harry you pick one of the boys to go along with us." Zayn snapped his head to Harry, "I'm coming." Perrie squeezed his hand, "Zayn, can't you wait here with me? You can go see them later...?" Zayn looked at her and shook his head. "I'm close to her too. Just like all the lads, but she's like one of my little sisters." He shimmied his hand out of her grasp and stood next to Harry, "The rest of us will wait. Give us a call when you get to her." Louis, Niall and Liam basically pushed Harry and Zayn out of the bus when it stopped and Paul had said the car was here.

The repeated tapping of Harry's shoes was the only thing that broke the silence of the long car ride to the airport. "Harry, stop that. You're making me even more nervous." Zayn halted Harry's knee. He mumbled a soft sorry, jerking himself up in his seat as they pulled in to the airport. All three men jumped out of the car and began to run into the airport. Pushing through security with ease (Helps to be international sensations, aye?) that is until they got to the runway where the airplane had crashed. Harry and Zayn kept thrashing and screaming for police to let them through while Paul tried hard to pull them back. 

Jacquie's POV
I was being moved. My body being pulled limply from the airplane seat. I tried to open my eyes but all I saw was a blur. "Mandy?" I spoke but only a tiny whisper emerged.  My head pounded inside but I called louder for Mandy, needing to hear a familiar voice apart from the high pitched ringing that lingered. I felt the cool breeze of fresh air hit my face and the stinging on my head increased. When my eyes focused I touched my head only to find my head bleeding. I was sat down on an ambulance as a paramedic began tending to my wound and speaking broken English to me to see if Anything else hurt, if I was coherent of what was happening around me. "Where's my friend?" "Friend?" the woman that was in the seat next to me. Where is she?" He shook his head and I began to imagine the worst.

Mandy's POV
Since I was perfectly fine and looked after for any post-accident symptoms I was pushed off to the sidelines. I was waiting for Jacquie to be taken care of. She was unconscious when they made me leave. Thankfully I gathered what bags we had put on the plane and her phone she had dropped. Harry must be worried... I was skeptical on talking to him since I have never actually met him but I knew he'd want to know what was going on with the various text messages she'd received from him. So I used her phone and rung him up, "Jacquie!? Are you okay!?" "I-...it's not Jacquie, it's her friend Mandy." "Oh thank god, are you okay?" "I'm fine, they pushed me off to the sidelines of the accident and I'm waiting for Jacquie." "Is she okay?" "I'm not sure, she was unconscious when I was pulled out. She slammed her head pretty hard on the side window..." Harry was silent for a while "Harry?" "Yeah, I'm here. I'm caught up by security close to the runway platform entrance, do you mind coming over here?" "Of course not. I'll be there in a few. Bye" I hung up and looked around to make sure Jacquie wasn't heading my way first. I slowly made my way over to where Harry was and when I saw who was with him my heart began to beat a bit faster. "Harry!" I yelled over the commotion and Paul went into security guard mode, but before tackling me to the ground he asked my name, "Are you Amanda? The new makeup artist?" I nodded and he brought me over to their side, behind security. What was odd is that Harry hugged me immediately. "I'm so glad you're okay." He held onto my shoulders and looked at me, "Are you sure you're feeling well enough?" I nodded and then he gave a small smile. "That's good" then I heard a familiar angelic voice behind me "I'm Zayn!!" I turned around with more than obvious blush coating my cheeks. "It's nice to meet you... Even under the circumstances!"

Zayn's POV
What was this? My chest was tight, my stomach in knots. "I'm Amanda, you can call me Mandy." her voice was like beautiful music and her smile was intoxicating. I hugged her, and maybe held on for a little longer than I should have. Dammit Zayn. You have a girlfriend. Stop this. I pulled away as a shaken Jacquie made her way over to us with the help of an officer. Catching a more than welcoming embrace from a very worried, very emotional curly haired lad.
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