We're making all the same mistakes

Being best friends with Harry styles for three years can be quite a handful when the tabloids label you both secret lovers and people bombard you with questions on the relationship. But what if Jacquie and Harry did have a romantic relationship that was a secret to them as well? One of them locking away their emotions in order to save themselves from complete rejection and the other too blind to even realise the love connection. They'll take it for granted that they'll be the same. What will face them on their journey together? Happiness? This may be a story, but it isn't a fairy tale.


2. Chapter 2

"JACQUIE!!!!" someone screamed as I fell out of bed and landed flat on my butt. "owww...." I slowly pulled myself up off the floor and walked into the living room to find Mandy frantically looking at her phone. "WHY IS MY BOSS SENDING ME MY LAST CHECK IN THE MAIL!? WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!!?" sluggishly making my way over to her I covered my ears "Shhh... I'm still pulling myself out of my zombie state" "Oh don't start that BS with me woman!" I dropped my hands back down to my side and just smirked, "I told him you quit. I also told him to shove it." she slumped down on the couch, "Jacquelyn you're impossible sometimes. I'm going to have to call him back and apologise." I chuckled and as a result I received a glare my way.

"Alright fine. But I guess I'll just have to call up ZAYN MALIK, you know, from one direction? And tell him to tell Paul you don't want the job." I teasingly dangled my phone in the air and turned around to walk to the kitchen. "Job? What job?! What about calling Zayn and a job!! JACQUIE!?" She was close at my heel then stepped right in front of me with the most jubilant expression I had ever seen. I smiled and showed her the short messages Harry and I had shared. All I could really see now was her hair covering my face and her arms were wrapped around me, practically squeezing me. "Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!" I returned the hugs and rubbed her back, "It's the least I could do. Besides," I pulled her away from me to look at her, "I told you I'd make Zanda happen."

Mandy's eyes widened, "Jacquie... He's dating P-" "Perrie and Zayn are having a little off set on their relationship. Remember what I told you about her?" "That you only thought she was with him because he's famous?" I nodded, "I know she makes him happy and I totally respect that. But the poor boy has to deal with her not trusting him when he's away on tour. She thinks he'll cheat." I sigh hard, then walked over to the refrigerator and stared into it, once again thinking about how whack it is for Perrie to think that about cute little Zayn. The same Zayn that gave the relationship a second chance. "you're going to try and break them up?" I tapped my fingers on the refrigerator door and looked over my shoulder with a small smile, "If I did that, no matter how miserable Zayn may be right now with the lack of trustworthiness there is..... He'd hate me." she looked down and softly smiled. A tiny frown formed upon my face. "Don't worry, you'll be able to call him your own one day Miss. Amanda. Don't you worry your pretty little head." I winked at her and closed the fridge then clapped my hands together, you better get yourself ready and packed! We have a flight to Sweden to catch." Mandy ran to her room and I could already hear her drawers being yanked open and her suitcase unzipped. I smiled at her anxiousness and began to pack when I got to my room.

Zayn's POV 

"Harry!" I pulled on my beanie and walked out into the living area of the hotel room. "What?" Harry looked very excited and anxious for Jacquie to be here. "You're giddy for her to be here. Why don't you two just date already?" I teased and patted his back. "We just get on really well is all. She's my best friend!" Rolling my eyes I grabbed my wallet, "You say that about everyone. Now come along with me!" He followed as I walked To the door with Paul's assigned security guard waiting for me. "Where are we going Zayn?" I hesitated for a second, "To pick up Perrie from the airport." we left the hotel through the back alley in order to avoid fans bombarding them. "Zayn... Why are you flying Perrie out here? I thought she had lots of work to do on her album with Little Mix?" We got in the car and I sighed, "She insisted man, what was I supposed to do? Tell my own girlfriend 'no, you can't come visit me even though you haven't seen me in two months.' " Harry groaned at me and looked out the window he mumbled something but it was inaudible for me.

Harry's POV 

You've got to be kidding me is all I can think to myself. Perrie was a sweet girl but you put her in the same room as any girl who's close to Zayn and it's like her eyes become daggers. I pulled out my phone and called Jacquie, "Hey... Uhh... are you getting on your plane?" "Mhmm, we're boarding right now. Why? What's wrong?" "You're going to come in late, aren't you?" "Harry, If everything goes smoothly i'll be in around 11:30pm." "That's in eight hours! I heard there's a really bad storm coming through too!" "Haz, hopefully the storm wont hit us on our way through. I'm getting there as soon as I can. When we do I'll just call a taxi an-"

A taxi? Was she insane? "No! Zayn and I will come pick you both up. He owes me since he's dragging me along to pick up Perrie." I glanced over at Zayn and he was on the phone, I would assume with Perrie because he was blushing and messing with the hem of his trousers. Not paying any attention to anything else. "Wait wha-" I heard her sigh as the stewardess asked everyone to put away all their electronics. "You better go before the stewardess yells at you! See you later love! Bye!" I ended the call before I had to explain why Perrie was visiting the same time as her. Although they had never met, Perrie was always really skeptical when it came to Jacquie's relationship with all of us. "Finally here!! Harry come on now! Her flight came in twenty minutes ago!" Zayn jumped out of the car with our security guard and I well in tow.

I shoved my hands in my pockets and tagged along behind Mr. Bradford bad boy as he made his way over to his fair lady. Perrie ran over, embracing him in a warm hug. "Oh babe I've missed you so much! I'm so happy that I'm here so I can finally spend some quality time with you!" I watched as Zayn kissed her a couple of times, cameras flashing all over and Zayn clasped their hands together telling her all about the tour as we walked to go get her suitcases. Telling her how much she'll love the fans when she sees them. And that she'll also have some female companionship. That small statement made her stop and look at him but in a more confusing that sweet way. "You have other girls in the hotel room?" Zayn chuckled, not thinking anything of it. "No. Not yet at least!" Her face kind of dropped and I knew it was my time to cut in to her jaded mind. "Perrie it's only Jacquie and her roommate Mandy. Mandy is going to be our new makeup artist so they're both flying in to be with us on tour." I smiled at her as her expression got a little more relaxed. That's when she made her way over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. "It's good to see you Harry!" I patted her back and gave her a slight squeeze, "You too Perrie!" Then she whispered something into my ear, "Please be sure that all hands are kept to themselves when your friend comes to Sweden okay?" She pulled away with a smile and I had my eyebrow raised. Was she saying that the girls would try something on Zayn?

Jacquie's POV (2 hours into the flight) 

"Jacquie?" I laid back my seat and hmm'd at Mandy. "Was that Harry on the phone?" I slightly nodded my head as the plane shook a bit. "God I hate flying." I mumbled under my breath. "I forgot to ask.. What did Harry want?" "They went to uhhh... Pick Perrie up from the airport." Mandy got quiet for a second.. "That's good! At least Zayn will be happy." i patted her shoulder, "try and get some sleep. We have a long flight and I doubt the boys will allow us to sleep when we get there."

Both Mandy And I fell into a deep slumber, still being quite exhausted from the previous night.. Hers filled with being overworked and mine with insomnia. Neither one of us heard them announce to the rest of the passengers that the turbulence from the storm may be a bit startling. That is... Until one of the planes engines decided to get jammed and the once slightly turbulent flight was thrown into chaos.
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