Helen Simone, a One direction fan has entered a contest to win tickets for their concert, but what she didn't know is that she would actually be in a relationship with one! But her new life style makes her friends hate her and her parents to become even more strict! She then decides to commit suicide but can she do it when Harry loves her more than anything else?


1. Helen-Winner

School just finished and it was now summer vacation. My best friends Alexa and Dana waved good bye to me as I got into my blue mini cooper. On my way out the school parking lot some idiots were blocking the exit! I'm usually patient, but I couldn't hold it in! I started banging on the horn and began swearing under my breath. I noticed the driver jump then stomped on the gas. I sped out through the exit and glared at the driver, who looked about a year younger than me. No one was in the car to talk to, so I turned on the radio and "What makes you beautiful" by One direction came on. I hummed along with my favorite band member, Harry until I got home. My mom wasn't home yet, though the lights were left on. I walked up the tiring fifteen steps to my bedroom. The sweet peppermint relaxed me from the earlier traffic jam. My laptop was asleep on my desk ever since I've entered a chance to win One direction concert tickets. I laid down on my queen sized bed then turned my body towards one of my Harry Styles posters. He was wearing a navy blue blazer, a white shirt, and cream colored skinny jeans. I smiled at the sight of his angelic grin. I heard a car drive into the drive way, I looked out the window. It was my mom. She got out of her black Mercedes car while carrying groceries. She up led the door and kicked off her stilletos. I rushed downstairs to help with the bags. I was about to take a bag.
"No! I'll do it! You can go to your room and stuff!" she insisted while handing me an envelope. I dragged myself back to my bedroom, gasping due to fatigue. I ripped open the envelope and found a ticket and a backstage pass for a One direction concert!

Dear Helen Simone
Congratulations, you have won a trip to Italy to attend the One Direction concert! You will be staying at the Pearl Hotel, a five star inn. Your flight ticket is in the envelope. Backstage pass and VIP is included.
Ditch it magazine
"OMG!" I screamed.
"What happened!?" said my mom in a starled voice. I tossed her the letter. I waited for her to scream too, but she didn't.
"You're going alone?" she asked instead. I gave her a "no really" look. She sighed then left the room to prepare dinner. I ran my finger tips down my Harry poster, then smiled.
"Just give me a chance..……" I whispered to it. I glanced at my blue study desk then strolled over to it. My plane ticket was First Class, seat D06. My flight elwas next week and I couldn't help but search up "One direction" on "Google". There was a really cute one of Harry eating a banana, so I printed it out and stuck it on my wall along with my other posters. The wall in front of my bed was blank, the right side had paintings and drawings I made, the left side had One direction posters, and the wall behind my bed had silver stars I painted. My mother called my name several times to come downstairs for dinner.
"Coming!" I finally responded.
We had leftover steak my dad made, brown rice, and broccoli covered in cheese. I know it may sound fancy, but that's actually what we eat technically every night! Going home and seeing steak and Thai soup everyday is not the greatest. As my mom and I ate, I began to rush when I noticed it was 6:30pm, Etalk was starting! I set my dirty dishes in the sink and turned on the T.V.
"You're starting to get obsessed with this band. One connection,right?" said my mom kindly. I was too busy staring at the screen to argue about my mom's error. Tanya Kim came on the screen with a picture of Louis and Harry.
"Are theOne direction members gay or not?" she announced showing off her perfectly white teeth.
"GAY,GAY,GAY!!!" shouted my mom."You know when I was your age, my friends and I all went to our favorite band's concert.....six times!"
"Don't care! First of all, you can go to your fave band's concert and I can't do the same!? Plus they're not gay, but kind of in a way, it's bromance!"
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