Always Home

everything happens for a reason. every person that walks into you rife, every mistake you make, every struggle, every decision. it's all leading up to something bigger. something we can't control. it's our destiny and we can't change it. but one moment can change everything. forever.


1. The Change

"Good morning, beautiful." You open your eyes to see you're boyfriend, Louis, sitting on the edge of the bed, breakfast in hand. "Good morning" you smile back, remembering how amazing last night was. You and Lou have been dating for about 4 months now and you were both so in love. You never imagined you would be dating Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and you couldn't believe how supportive the other boys and fans were ! You had always looked up to Danielle and how well she handled being in spotlight with Liam, and she was so accepting of the new girlfriend in the band. As you sat in bed eating the delicious breakfast Louis made you, he keep goofing off, making you laugh, kissing you repeatedly, making you love him even more. All of a sudden, as he got a text, he got really quiet. he stopped kissing you, he stopped joking around. "What's wrong , babe ?" you ask him, concerned that something bad happened. "Oh nothing, love. it's nothing." he replied, giving you a quick kiss, then getting up and walking into the bathroom. "Why are you so upset ?" you say, following him into the other room, wrapping your arms around him. "It's just...Paul just texted me...and...he said..." he trails off, breaking away from you. "Louis. Please. Just tell me what's going on. I can take it." you say, shaking in fear of what he's about to say. "He said we can't see each other anymore." Louis replies, his voice as cold as ever. You can't believe the words that just came out of his mouth. "I'm sorry, what ? We can't see each other anymore ? I don't understand ! Why can't we still date ? What did we do ??" you scream, the tears are gathering in your eyes, anger bursting in your stomach. "Just calm down, Y/N. please. calm down" Louis says, almost emotionless. "You want me to calm down ?? How can I calm down when you just a text saying we have to break up ?? Does Liam have to break up Danielle ??" your screaming as loud as you can, crying through the words. "No." Louis replies. "Then why the hell do we need to break up ?? The fans support us ! The boys support us ! The management supports us ! Or at least I thought they did !" you yell. "Y/N ! Calm down !" Louis yell, louder than you ever thought he could. It scares you how loud he is. You slowly sit back down on the bed. "When you sit here, what do you think of ?" Louis asks you, much quitter than before, sitting behind you with his arms around your waist. Memories start flowing when he asks that question. "You... Me... Us... Your kisses... Your love... Our first time... Being with you... Forever... Our play fights... Our jokes..." You start crying again as you realize all that has to be over. "Do you remember last night ?" Louis asks, kissing you on the cheek. "Of course I remember. I'll never be able to forget." you reply, falling back into his arms. You and Louis had sex for the first time last night. Right where you were sitting. You knew you loved him and he loved you too. It felt so right. "that's why..." he says, so quietly you almost don't hear him. "What do you mean ?" you ask, very confused. "Last night. That's why we have to break up..." Louis replies. 'Crap' you think to yourself. You had gotten so caught up in the moment last night that you both forgot that Louis wasn't allowed to have sex while they were on tour. "How did Paul possibly know what we did ??" you ask, annoyed, confused, flat out pissed. "Y/N, you know Paul knows everything. We can't get away from him." You were so mad. You didn't know what to do. "How could you let this happen, Louis ?? Why didn't you stop us ?? You knew we couldn't have sex, but you let it happen anyway ! Why would you do that to me ? Why would you do that to US ? You KNEW this would break us up ! Why did you let it happen ??" you screamed. "Why are you blaming this on me ? You knew we weren't supposed to have sex too ! You knew we would have to break up !! You could've stopped us too !! You could've not pushed it so soon !! it wasn't all me, Y/N ! You had sex too !" Louis screamed back. You could tell he was pissed at you, but you could tell he was genuinely upset you had to break up too. But you didn't care how he felt. You didn't care if he felt guilty or sorry or sad or anything. You didn't care about him anymore. You couldn't care about the boy you thought you were in love with when all he did was break you up. You couldn't take it anymore. You burst into tears, grabbed your bags, and ran out of the hotel room. You could hear Louis yelling after you, but you ignored him. If you two couldn't date anymore, you wouldn't see him at all. You'd stop all communications with him. You two were over and done with. You got home, pulled out your laptop and changed your status. You were officially no longer in a relationship with Louis Tomlinson.  


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