Everything About You

When you finally get to go to a One Direction you're so excited and like the other girls fantasize but little do you know how one night can change your whole life .


1. June 28, 2012

Today was the day. You’re finally going to the One Direction concert you’ve been waiting a year for. You live in North Carolina & they’re coming as part of their 2013 tour. You and your best friend, Alison, are going dressed as the boys you love, you’re dressed as Harry Styles wearing a gray blazer and your best friend is dressed as Liam Payne wearing a plaid red button down. It’s only 3pm but you plan to arrive at the arena at 4pm to get in on time. You finish your poster for the concert as soon as your mom yells “Y/N! You ready to go?”
“Almost! Let me grab my money!” you say back. When you pick Alison up you go in for pictures but remind your mom that you need to go. It’s exactly 4pm when you arrive but the arena is already packed. The doors don’t open until 5:30pm so you’re forced to wait in the blistering heat. You and Alison obsess over the boys the whole time you wait and imagine how Harry & Liam might see you from onstage and fall in love with you at first sight. Even though you doubt this would ever happen you still have a little hope. 5:30pm comes faster than expected and you get out your tickets to enter. You show them to the employees at the gate and walk in. Your seats are located in section 113 row F. You both immediately run to the stand set up and buy a shirt, poster & necklace leaving some money left over for any other souvenir you might want to grab before you leave. You make your way to your seats and can’t believe how close you are! Not many people are in the same row as you except for two average height girls. One is wearing shorts and tank with a British flag on it and the other wearing a shirt with some cute red shorts as if they were the same brand as Louis’ signature red skinny jeans. “Hi!” says the one with the red shorts.
“My name is Jane and this is my good friend Claire.” Claire shakes both of our hands.
“Hey! I’m Y/N and this is my best friend Alison” Alison says hello and immediately the four of us strike up a conversation.
“We’ve been dying to see them for so long and can’t believe we’re finally here!” Alison says.
“You girls are some of the biggest fans I’ve seen!” says Jane as she chuckles. The girls seem like they’re maybe 19 years old but are the best people you could be seated with at a concert! They’re funny & super nice! As soon as the lights go down you four stand up and start screaming your heads off. They open with “What Makes You Beautiful” as Harry walks out and you scream your head off. You’ve been obsessing over this boy since the X Factor & he’s finally only 20 feet away from you!
“Can you believe this?!” Claire screams. The concert is absolutely amazing and you find yourself crying off & on. You hold up the sign that took hours to make that reads “Harry I Love You!”. As soon as they’re about to close the show he looks over your way and notices the sign.
“Aw. I love you too!” Harry says into the mic. A camera shows your sign on the big screen & you’re in shock. Did Harry Styles really just tell you he loves you? He did. They close the show with “Up All Night” and the whole time Harry keeps looking over in your direction as if he were singing to you. Jane screams “I love you Louis!” screams Jane.
Louis looks over, smiles then waves at her. They exit the stage, the lights come on and your make-up is everywhere. You hug Jane & Claire as well as exchange phone numbers. You grab one more souvenir at the booth and exit the arena. As you make your way to the parking lot you see Claire & Jane come running behind you.
“Wait Y/N! Alison” says Claire “I forgot to show you girls something” You make your way back into the arena and head toward where the entrance to the back stage is.
“Um what are we doing?” you say.
“Shhhh. It’s a surprise” says Claire. You realize your sneaking in backstage until a security guard passes and nods to Jane & Claire. You’re so confused but before you can ask you’re in the boys’ dressing room standing in front of them.
“Oh my god.” You say.
“Surprise” both girls say.
“What? How? I can’t believe this! Oh my gosh. It’s really you!”
“My name isn’t really Jane” says the girl wearing red shorts.
“And my name isn’t Claire” the girl with the British flag tank- top says.
“What?! Who are you?” Alison says.
“I’m Eleanor Calder” says the girl with the red short as she goes over and gets close with Louis.
“And I’m Danielle Peazer” the girl that claimed to be Claire says. Danielle goes over to kiss Liam and it all makes sense. They looked familiar but with Danielle’s hair straightened and Eleanor’s hair in a bun they weren’t exactly recognizable. You want to faint. Alison doesn’t hold back and ends up falling. Immeaditly Liam, Niall and Zayn rush to her as Louis and the girls find help. Harry is still standing there, staring at you.
“Hi” you say to him as you blush.
“And may I ask what is your name?” he asks you.
“Y/N” you tell him.
“That’s a beautiful name” He slowly leans over and kisses you on the cheek. You blush even more. It’s like the world froze around you both. Louis and the girls run in with paramedics. They say she hit her head hard and put Alison on a stretcher as you all hop in the limo to head over to the hospital. When you arrive everything is fine and she can go home. As you’re walking out the door with Alison you get a text from a number you’ve never seen reading “Hey Y/N. I still love that name. How about we meet for pizza tomorrow? I’ll be in town for a couple days. Btw, this is Harry ;)” You’re stunned. You’re going on a date with Harry Styles tomorrow. And to think that 4 hours ago you were making up stories how he would fall in love with you. You still weren’t sure if that was true but you were positive that you were falling in love with him.
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