Stole My Heart

Allie Smith is not very amused when she has to stay with her cousin Liam Payne and his 4 best friends, for the whole summer. Stuck in a house with 5 teenage boys is NOT how Allie would like to spend her holidays. Her father is on holiday with her brother Jacob (Jake) and her mother passed away of cancer when she was a child. Allie has led a pretty crazy life so far and it was just about to get crazier...


2. Room Makeover!

Allie's POV

I stood there. Looking at them. I instantly recognised Liam and just gave him a smile. He introduced me to his friends when i asked what he was doing here.
"Just seeing how your settling in" he replied walking into the house.
My dad made me share my pancakes with them. Niall started eating like a pig. Zayn told him to have manners. Thats when he calmed down a bit. The boys looked at me and asked how my room looked. I took them upstairs, they saw the paint and started decorating my room for me. I was shocked with Zayn's talent of art. It was amazing. My room was hot pink and purple with red and white. Thats only some of the colours. We decorated one wall with patterns. It looked amazing. Since i was going to Liam's today i had to pack my clothes. The boys did it for me. They left after that. Taking the bags with them. I went into the bathroom and had a bubble bath. I didnt want to wear my jeans. I wanted a dress or something. I opened my wardrobe to find nothing in there. At all. I screamed looking frustrated. My dad and Jake had already left. Urgh. I quickly called Liam.
"Hello Allie!" he said cheerfully
"Liam! Your such an idiot for taking all my clothes! Get me my red dress!" i shouted.
"Cant it wait?" he asked
I heard snickering on the other side.
"im on speaker phone arent i?" i asked embarrssed.
"yeah. Anyway i'll send your clothes."
"be quick."

-30 minutes later-
*doorbell rang*
I swang the door open
"Finally Liam!" i said only to notice it was Zayn...
"Errm.." he replied.
I hid behind the door reaching for the bag. He handed it to me.
"Im going to run and you can come in okay?" i said
"Kay," he replied
I ran downstairs after i was dressed to find an extremely good looking Zayn sitting on my sofa.
"Err shall we go?" i asked
"Erm yeah lets go," he replied
We walked to the car after i locked the door. This is it i thought. Spending my summer with them... <3
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