Stole My Heart

Allie Smith is not very amused when she has to stay with her cousin Liam Payne and his 4 best friends, for the whole summer. Stuck in a house with 5 teenage boys is NOT how Allie would like to spend her holidays. Her father is on holiday with her brother Jacob (Jake) and her mother passed away of cancer when she was a child. Allie has led a pretty crazy life so far and it was just about to get crazier...


1. Introduction ~ and first part of Allie's story:) <3

Hey, im Allie Smith. I've led a pretty intense life. Being brought up with out a mother, but i had a very successful dad looking out for me, and my big bro of course! We just moved into our new house not far from my cousin Liam Payne's house. Urgh. My dad and brother are going on a male bonding holiday amd i have to stay with my cousin and his 4 friends for the summer. So unfair. Why do i have to stay with those snobs?! Well, i havent actually met them... But Liam is not stuck up so why would his friends be? Anyway, back to this morning when i woke up....
In the morning...
Allie's POV
I woke up with the sun peeking through the blinds and the lovely smell of my dad's pancakes drifting through the house. I jumped out of bed feeling great and ran into the shower. After my shower i looked into my closet and decided to go with some navy skinny jeans, a red blouse, some red flats and one navy and one red flowers in my long, straight chocolate brown hair. I skipped down the stairs happily, hoping Jake didnt eat all the pancakes. Hmmm. A big pile just for me. I ran up to my dad and gave him a big 'i love you' kiss and hug. As i started digging into my pancakes the door bell rang.
"i'll get it," i sighed.
As i opened the door i saw 5 smartly dressed boys all grinning at me.
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