Once Upon a Dream

A Niall Horan fanfic by maddieannelotsoflove
All of Maddie's dreams are coming true except her love dream but maybe when she's in England she'll meet the man of her dreams.


3. Telling Aden

Today was the day my boyfriend Aden was coming home from collage for summer break. I have yet to tell him that in July I'm moving away to England. I got in my car to drive to Panera Bread to meet Aden.  The new One Direction single came on. I love One Direction they rock and it's so amazing they are still going after almost six years and a marriage. I mean isn't that what broke up the Jonas Brothers? I hope while I live in London I'll meet them that would be just the icing on the cake. I got there and ordered my favorite smoothie and a lemon iced cookie and waited in our usual booth for Aden. I got a text from Aden that said "how much for that beautiful girl in the window?" he always made me smile. Aden sat down across from me and took my hand. I loved looking at my boyfriend. He was hot, nice, smart and out of my league. I always questioned how I got this guy. He is two years older than me so he's been away at collage for two year so we were used to this kind of dating. "So" he started to ask. "You told me you had some news," "Ya" I said basically shouting because of excitement. "I got excepted to this program for woman who want to become OBGYN's. I was one of ten to be excepted," I handed him the pamphlet  "Wow  that's so great Maddie!" but then he dropped off and gave me a concerning look. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Your moving to London England?" he spat. I was so confused I thought he was happy for me. "You can't do this you'll be there eight years plus you have to work in England four years after that!" he shouted. "I know this is my dream what I've wanted to do my whole life!" I can't believe he's reacting like this. "Well don't expect me to follow you I have dreams too ya know!" he got up and walked out. I followed him into the vacant parking lot. "If you loved me you wouldn't leave me!" he continued to vent. "I do love you, but if you loved me you wouldn't tell me to abandon my dream," I was done he was acting like an immature child throwing a fit a good boyfriend would have been happy for me. "We're done" I  got in my car and drove away.

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