Once Upon a Dream

A Niall Horan fanfic by maddieannelotsoflove
All of Maddie's dreams are coming true except her love dream but maybe when she's in England she'll meet the man of her dreams.


15. Talk

Liam's Point of View 

"So was there a reason you asked me to coffee?" she asked me. Was there a reason? Yea I had to tell her for her own good. "Well for starters bowling was really fun and that you were a fun girl I'd like to be friends with." She smiled and then I brought on the harsher stuff. "And I kind of had to warn you." She gave me a concerned look. "If you and Niall ever break up it might be bad." Another one of those looks. This girl was making me feel guilty. "We aren't really in the limelight as much now ya, but you'll still get it. You see the fan aren't as crazy because they're older and maturer so they aren't reporting our every move but when they know your relationship is serious..." She nodded "It is serious I really love him. Is this because I'm younger?" "No, no really it's not. Hey I love my friend and have to watch out for him. I really am concerned for you two." I answered her. "Just don't do anything stupid that would make you look bad, okay?" She smiled and tugged in her sweater. "Hey thanks for making my best friend so happy. I'm sorry if I upset you. Now let's go have fun." 

I dropped of Maddie after we drove around London and had talks about fun subjects and I was really glad we did this I need this kind of friend time. She hopped out of the car shut the door. She turned around and tapped on the window. I rolled it down "I think found a guy best friend." she smiled. "Weird I found a girl best friend." 

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