Once Upon a Dream

A Niall Horan fanfic by maddieannelotsoflove
All of Maddie's dreams are coming true except her love dream but maybe when she's in England she'll meet the man of her dreams.


11. I Can't Wait

Niall's Point Of View

Today was two weeks since I first took Maddie out on our first date. I loved hanging out with her everything we did, even when we weren't "doing" anything I liked just sitting there with her while she wrote her papers. Tonight I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend. I knew that she was something special from the first time we kissed. It felt like sparks flew she made me want to stop everything going on in my life and carry her down to the church and be married and happy forever. I just really hope she feels the same.

Maddie's Point Of View

Niall said to dress up real nice for tonight it was going to be a special date. All the girls helped me get ready. Allie was curling my hair an impossible feat because my awkward shoulder length naturally highlighted chestnut brown hair which was somewhat wavy in some places bone straight in others held a curl for about two minutes. If any one could do it it would be Allie she was an amazing hair stylist if it wasn't  for her brain she would most likely be out becoming a world famous hair stylist but no one wanted her to waste her brains. Laurel was applying my make up and she was doing an outstanding job. I admit I was nervous letting her do it because I wasn't sure how she would do since I'm so much darker than her I was one fourth Greek and she was as pale as a ghost and had the cutest freckles and orange hair. Krista had apparently known about this before me and went out and picked me out a whole new outfit I was some what cross she did this for me but Krista does what she wants and you can't do anything about it. But what she got me was beautiful. She got a sage green floor length crepe fabric dress with spaghetti straps, a sweetheart neckline and an empire waist that looked so good on me.  I couldn't really wear heels because he was only three inches taller than me so Krista picked out gorgeous nude colored flats for me too wear. When everything was done I looked in the mirror and i was going to cry I looked so pretty. "I picked my cousin a good one, huh, girls?" Krista said behind me. I thanked them and a knock came from the door. I ran over to open it and saw the most handsome face I knew and I felt my smile light up my face I just couldn't believe he was for me. "Wow" he whispered.

Niall's Point Of View

I was standing outside the door waiting for the girl that I would die to call mine. I got her some daises because the reminded me of her happy cheerful and bright. She opened the door and then it hit me like a ton of bricks she looked so beautiful I don't know if that word did her justice "Wow" I whispered. I kissed her right there and handed her the flowers and took her out to the car. I kissed her again more passionately down at the car craving the sparks. "You are so stunning" I said into her ear I can't for her to be mine but I planned it to be special so I'd have to wait a little while longer. Her smile lit up her face and feel her blush we got into the car and drove off to our date.       

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