Once Upon a Dream

A Niall Horan fanfic by maddieannelotsoflove
All of Maddie's dreams are coming true except her love dream but maybe when she's in England she'll meet the man of her dreams.


13. Bowling

"I'm nervous, what if they don't like me?" I looked into Niall's stunning blue eyes. "That's mad who wouldn't like you?" I blushed and shook my head. "Come on everyone will love you." We walked into the bowling alley and I saw Liam and Danielle sitting at one of the tables talking to Eleanor and Louis. They were such adorable couples I always wanted what they had and now I do it's crazy. we sat down with them and I was introduced to everyone. I giggled because it was funny, who really didn't know who these people were. Louis looked straight into my soul with his piercing blue eyes. I shivered and he laughed. "Well you are as beautiful as I have been told." I wish people would stop saying that I'm not that pretty. "Lou just took my words." Liam said. Danielle looked at him weird and the other boys walked in. "Well you are all beautiful so I guess I will fit in." Harry Laughed huskily behind me. "Ha now your prettier than your man." These guys were great I'm so happy I came today we all laughed and talked and learned that none of us we any good at bowling. Zayn looked sad and I found out him and Perrie had been fighting a lot lately and he was always getting worked up over their breakups. Liam wanted me and Niall to come and hang with him and Danielle soon and I was really up for that because Liam and I had really gotten along. This really was everything I wanted. Girls like me don't get stories like this.


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