Once Upon a Dream

A Niall Horan fanfic by maddieannelotsoflove
All of Maddie's dreams are coming true except her love dream but maybe when she's in England she'll meet the man of her dreams.


9. Best First Date

We pulled up to a nice restaurant. I was so happy to see it was an Italian place. "Oh yay! I love Italian!" I said. "Oh, good I was hoping you would." He told the hostess that we had a reservation for two and she led us to our table. "It reminds me of home." I whispered to myself. Niall must have heard because he gave me a strange look. "So where are you from?" He asked. "Pennsylvania." I responded. "Oh I Have been there a few times." I smiled and my waitress came to take our orders. "Would you like to get a bottle of wine?" he asked. "I'm only eighteen." I responded. He laughed his adorable laugh. "You're not in the U.S love. You can drink here." I giggled "I always forget, but I think that would be fine, the wine I mean." I got the chicken parmesan and Niall ordered a ridiculous amount of food and it made me giggle. "You know, you're really beautiful." Niall said while we were waiting for our food." "You really think that?" I asked. "I wouldn't have said that if I didn't think it." "Well I think you're beautiful too." we laughed. We talked all night about almost anything and I really got to know him and I liked him a lot. He drove me home and walked me to the flat. "I had a good time tonight" He said. "Me too!" I smiled "Would  you like to go out again?" "Mmm Hmm" I couldn't stop smiling. We exchanged numbers and before he left he leaned in and pressed his lips on mine. It was the best first kiss I ever had.

Niall's Point Of View

That was the best first kiss ever. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I really liked her and couldn't wait to see her again. I guess I'll have to get Krista something good for Christmas this year.  


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