Dragon Scales

The name's Bella, Bella Grande. I'm a dragon rider. Well I was until the terrible day when my dragon, Fireseeker was taken away from me to be trained for the mighty war of our nation. My father lost his life trying to save Fireseeker. Now I will avenge him. I will kill the gorgeous boy who killed him.


16. The Biggest Battle Our Nation Has Ever Seen

   It didn't take us long to reach the battlefield, I could hear the screams, shouts and roars from a long distance away. I was shaking all over. Fireseeker was scared too, I could feel it. When we did reach the battlefield, it was a shock to everyone, including Josh.

   The city was no longer a city, just piles and piles of debris and bodies, everywhere was soaked in either human or dragon blood.It was horrifying. Whatever was still standing was ablaze, the city was merely a shadow of its former glory. There were a great deal more fighters from the East than us. Each in their plain black robes with no armour, whereas our army had full body armour on. This was clearly an advantage. The battle seemed to be equal, there was at least four Eastern fighters for every Western fighter. Yet we were much better fighters and managed to hold them off.

   I looked frantically in the sky for any sign of life. But the air was still, this startled me and a few others in the army, they all had their heads in the sky searching for this supposed great army of dragons.

   When it did come we were shocked. There were at least five hundred dragons and riders in the sky flying in a big ring. They seemed focused on one thing, our archers. The east hadn't brought any archers so we had an advantage there. Every time the dragons flew past the archers fired their deadly arrows at the great big cloud of wings. Every time the dragons flew around at least three dragons would drop from the sky, lifeless. We were making great progress in decreasing their size. But every time they flew around the dragons would scorch some of our archers. Our numbers were decreasing rapidly. Quicker than the dragons, soon, our archers were only a bonfire. We finally rose from the ground and attacked.

   We all flew together at the main circle. They didn't seem to see us, this was an advantage. The element of suprise. But when Josh and I shouted the command for the dragons to kill them they all separated. They had seen us and made a great plan to leave at the last moment. Dragons filled the air, some of the slower dragons fell to the floor. But most of them were still flying in the air, ready to attack.

   Looking around at the opposition's dragons was a horrifying sight, most of the dragons had multiple arrows in them and were bleeding heavily. Others had dead riders on their back, but didn't seem to notice. Within seconds Fireseeker had killed at least twenty. They were tired, slow and unco-ordinated. Fireseeker worked in a mad rush, whoever he saw was dead in seconds. The air was extremely hot and I could feel my skin burning from the intense heat. Dragons were the only thing I could see, their cries of anger and pain was the only thing I could hear.

   After five minutes of hard fighting and dodging, we were alive. We had finished, we had won the war in the sky. I was so relieved. I let Fireseeker glide down onto the meadow where we started, but as we were decended a rogue dragon form the east sctratched Fireseekers wing. He let of a blood-curdling cry and began to spin uncntrollably. All I was able to do was hold on, my lungs didn't seem to work. We plummeted down onto the grass and skidded to a halt. Fireseeker's breathing was heavy. I was deeply worried for his life.

   As we landed I was thrown ten feet into the air and landed on a patch of dry grass. The last thing I heard was Josh shout my name, then all went black.


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