Dragon Scales

The name's Bella, Bella Grande. I'm a dragon rider. Well I was until the terrible day when my dragon, Fireseeker was taken away from me to be trained for the mighty war of our nation. My father lost his life trying to save Fireseeker. Now I will avenge him. I will kill the gorgeous boy who killed him.


15. On My Way To The Real Battle

   We flew back to the city to fight, this time I kept to the back of the group. Fireseeker and I wanted to have a bit of a rest. I also needed to clear my head. I remember killing at least five people and their beautiful dragons. I could never forgive myself for doing so. No matter how much I told myself that it was a war, that the person who I killed wanted to kill me. I couldn't forget it.

   I think that Fireseeker also felt this because I could almost feel his remorse. Deep inside, but it was I who had made him kill those people. I was a terrible person, I was a murderer. Not an innocent young woman, a murderer.

I stuck behind two injured dragons and their riders. They were deep in conversation and didn't even realise that I was behind them. There was an older man and a younger man. The younger man was calming down the frightened older man. I could only hear part of their conversation, but what I did hear was interesting enough, the younger man was doing most of the talking...

"It will be fine Robert! You saw how we anialated those dragons and people back there! Don't worry!"

"B, but you heard the man! He s, s, said that those people there were only a quarter of their army! T, t, t, they must have huge numbers! I want to survive! I have a family to care for back home."

"Yes, okay, they might have numbers. But we have skill! They haven't trained as thoroughly as us have they? We have so many great formations that I cannot count! We have the Josh Higgins! The King's nephew! Also that 'Bella'! She seems to know her stuff!"

"I suppose you're right."

   The older of the two took some long, deep breaths and cooled down. Then they began to talk about a different, more interesting subject...

"So how about that Bella girl then? She seems nice!"

"Yeah, I suppose so, but she's so young! How on earth did she land second in command?"

"I think that her and Josh are courting, so he spoke to his uncle and landed her a job that gets him a load more time with her."

"Yeah, probably! I just don't like the the fact that a girl is bossing me about! She is bossy too!"

"I know. But you know what Josh said when she went to her cabin last night 'Stay nice to her or 'ya out!' I pretty much nailed his voice then! Didn't I Pete!"

"I suppose so."

   They stopped talking. We were at our training camp, I decided to have some fun so when we landed I told  Robert...

"Next time that you mimic Josh, change 'her' to ''er'."

   I turned and smiled at them. They both had gone as white as a bedsheet. They put their heads down and led their dragons to Barn Three. I smiled and laughed at them behaving like sheep now that they had been caught. We were only to feed the dragons, then we were back off to war. Nobody liked the sound of that, Two battles in one day. The only person who looked even remotely happy was Incendius. He obviously loved to kill.


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