Dragon Scales

The name's Bella, Bella Grande. I'm a dragon rider. Well I was until the terrible day when my dragon, Fireseeker was taken away from me to be trained for the mighty war of our nation. My father lost his life trying to save Fireseeker. Now I will avenge him. I will kill the gorgeous boy who killed him.


14. My First Battle

   It took us little over an hour to get there. Josh told all of them to keep their dragons going slowly to preserve their energy. On the way there my eyes met with Incendius' I noticed how evil they looked, they were completely white with two small pupils. Those were one of the last things that my father saw before he died. I hated Incendius. I might have loved Josh, but it was Incendius who had actually killed my father. He almost smiled at me as if to show thtr he knew what I was thinking. I looked away from him and looked at Josh who didn't notice me.

   When he did notice me he asked me...

"'Ya ok?"

   I nodded weakly and looked down at Fireseeker's neck. I spent the rest of the journey thinking about many different things, Mother. Father. Josh. Incendius. Fireseeker. War. The King. I didn't even realise us landing in the meadows where I had my picnics. Josh hadn't told anyone where we were going. I almost cried when I saw this place, but I stayed strong. I was snapped out of my trip down memory lane by Josh, who began talking...

"Now 'en! As soon as we fly over this hill we will be in battle! Remember 'ya lot! Formation 'A'! "

   He really emphasized on the 'A' and looked at everyone when doing so. We mounted back onto our dragons and got in the formation ready and began to hover. I was nervous, more than I had ever been before. As we flew over the hill I was greeted by a horror scene. My hometown was full of men dressed in black robes. Some were on horses, others had no weapons, none of them had bows and arrows. I thought that was wierd, they were all just patrolling the streets and talking. The rest were armed with swords, spears, shields. I then looked up to see a huge cloud of beating wings. All different colours and shapes. Josh called to me, I hadn't realised but I had broken away from our formation when I had looked around. I joined back in the formation and we all flew up together. Ready to attack.

   When we were the same height as them they finally noticed us, they didn't have such a mix as we had. But they certaintly had much more than us. They weren't as organised as us though, Josh shouted the command and we attacked together, as one.

   Me and the rest of Group One blew flames over the unorganised dragons. I didn't like the feeling of Fireseeker killing others, but this was war, and it had to be done. A few of them dropped dead, their riders either dead or screaming for help as they plummeted to their doom. Most of the other dragons and their riders scarpered. Leavingjust a few behind. When Group One had attacked we all flew upwards and broke off to fight the others who had fled. We must have looked amazing compared to their untidiness.

   The battle was almost noiseless, but even so often you could hear an ear piercing scream or the roar of a dying dragon. Also, on top of that was the constant beat of leathery wings. Once all six groups of dragons had attacked we all flew in different directions, searching for another Eastern victem. Soon no one was left in the sky apart from us. Only two people and two dragons from Group Six had died from our side. But there were still at least a hundred on the ground. I could already see everybody heading down to kill them. I do not go down for I cannot kill anymore, instead I fly Fireseeker up and around the sky. I feel like I'm twelve again, but I'm not, everything has changed. I look up to see Josh looking at me. He tells me not to cry. I stop and fly down. I am met by Johnston who gives me grave news...

"Bella! We are in gret danger! We just questioned the last of their army before we killed him and he said that that was merely a quater of their army! The rest of them are on their way to the city! We must alert Josh! Now!"

   I calmed him down and went to see Josh myself, he nodded throughout what I had told him and told me to tell them all to mount again. We were going back to the city. I had thought that this was too easy. Going into this battle I was extremely afraid of this. 

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