Dragon Scales

The name's Bella, Bella Grande. I'm a dragon rider. Well I was until the terrible day when my dragon, Fireseeker was taken away from me to be trained for the mighty war of our nation. My father lost his life trying to save Fireseeker. Now I will avenge him. I will kill the gorgeous boy who killed him.


3. Fruit loaf for a murderer

   After he had tied up his dragon and I let Fireseeker into the barn we had walked to where my Mother and Father had been watching us. My Mother was straightening her apron with one hand whilst rubbing a stain frantically on her trousers at the same time. For once, my Father was tying his shoelaces. It had been like the King himself was coming. When we were within touching distance they had bowed to us, but it was actually only him that they had been bowing to. I was utterly bewildered, I told them that all he was was a horrible, arrogant boy. I remember my father looking up at me and silently gesturing for me to join him and Mother in bowing. I had had enough, I bowed because I knew that was the easiest thing to do. Obey.

   Josh had raised his hand to us and my parents stood up, I followed. My mother had put on a city accent and asked him if he wanted green tea and some homemade fruit loaf, he had accepted my mother's kind offer with no hesitation. We had walked briskly into our large kitchen and my father had pulled up four chairs, three on the left and one on the right, the one on the right was an elegant, mahogany chair, the others were just the stools we used everyday, sturdy and practical. My mother had sat on one of the three seats on the left. She had put on a fake smile that showed all of her yellow teeth and patted the seat next to her, her cold, unforgiving eyes never leaving mine. I had sat next to her with no argument, I can remember thinking to myself that if I make a fuss, I will be punished afterwards, whatever this was it was a big deal. My father had poured the sickly coloured tea and sliced and buttered the homemade fruit loaf. He gave the tea to each of us. It had been piping hot, The fruit loaf was passed around. Josh had taken four pieces, I remember thinking to myself, 'What a pig!'. My father had been the first one to break the uncomfortable silence. He questioned Josh...

"So what gives us the pleasure of us welcoming you into our home?"

   I could tell that he didn't mean a word of it, he had spoken through the side of his mouth and his teeth never moved. I remember thinking that was peculiar so I watched him closer. His forehead had been crinkled with worry lines, something was up I had thought, something not good, and father had known it.

"Well I was told by some awfully chatty locals that there was a Green Smootherback Dragon in this area, and that I would be able to find it around these parts. My job is very important to the King. It is to round up all dragons in the nation and bring them back to the castle to train them for the dreadful war that we know is coming our way. Unfortunately there are not many strong dragons around anymore so I have had to start picking up smaller, weaker ones. Like yours for example"

"Is there? Really? My Goodness! Well you'd better take our useless dragon to that awful war then! It's about time it did something useful!"

   My mother had been jigging in her seat with excitement as she said this, how I hated her. Me and my father had just scowled at the boy in the posh armour. He had stared back at me. I was seething. Anger had welled up inside me like never before. It rose within me. I had found myself standing and screaming in the face of the stuck-up city boy.


   I screamed until my lungs burned like those that so rarely came out of Fireseeker's mouth when he was agitated. I hoped for Father to jump up and defend me like any decent father should, but all he did was sit in his chair, staring into our woodburning fire. He had seemed lost, lost in a world of his own, he had spoken, never taking his eyes off the dying embers in the fire.

"Bella, go to your room, NOW!"

   He spoke in a calm tone until he got to the last word where he had seemed very angry, the first time I had ever seen him angry. I had made a few feeble attempts and changing his mind but he and my mother were strong minded. I remember thinking that I was never going to let this idiot take away my beautiful Fireseeker.

   Then all I can remember is running at Joshua, screaming and him cowering in the corner of the room whimpering. I had struck him across the cheek with my long, sharp nails. He had been bleeding heavily. My mother had seen to him, wrapping bandages around his face and apologising repeatedly. She had told him he could have the rest of the fruit loaf and the dragon with no problem, he had been scowling at me all the time. My father had grabbed me around the waist and lifted me. He had carried me like a rag doll up the stairs. I can recall feeling like a little girl who didn't want to go to bed. But this had been different, my dragon's life had been at stake. My father had thrown me on my lumpy straw bed and barred the oak door. The last words that he spoke to me were...

"I'm so disappointed with you Bella. Meet me at midnight in the clearing in the woods by our farm. Tell Mother she will never see us again, tell her I'm so sorry, I can't let him take Fireseeker."

   At the time I had no clue what he planned to do. I rushed to the small window, I can remember thinking that this was too small to climb out of. I watched my father talking to Josh and my mother standing behind him. She looked at me straight in the eyes and smirked a smirk of complete satisfaction. I can remember muttering to myself saying I wouldn't give her the message. I never did.

   Josh had been speaking to mother, thanking her for the fruit loaf, when my father began to run to the old barn where Fireseeker was no doubt sleeping. Josh had seen this and began to run after him, calling his name. He had been gaining on my father, who had seemed out of breath. Josh had overtaken my father as he was catching his breath. By the time my father had caught up with him Josh had Fireseeker in a rope and was leading him to his dragon. 

   Before that I remember never even glancing at his dragon, but when I did I was amazed. It was magnificent, It was bright red with flames running down its huge wings, It had a long snout that he breathed grey smoke out of once in a while. He was not as handsome as Fireseeker, but he was more impressive by far- his claws were huge and extremely sharp, his scales were more even and his tail had the resemblance of a tree.

   Josh jumped on his mighty dragon with ease and began to tie the rope that was attached to Fireseeker to his dragon's collar. Fireseeker had been desperately trying to slip the rope but it had clearly been no use.



   My Father had caught up with them now and was shouting at the top of his voice for him to stop. Josh began to laugh and ascend, I had screamed as my noble father clung on the the razor sharp claws of the red dragon and held on for dear life. The red dragon had looked down, saw my Father and lifted him up so he was face to snout with him. I will never forget how that dragon looked at my father like a feeble, cowering mouse in the claws of a cunning cat. Then it had breathed blue flames from its huge mouth, its needle like teeth also showing. My father was the target. He was on fire in a second and screaming in agony before he went silent and his charred body went limp. I looked desperately at Josh in horror, only to see how he was laughing hysterically and patting the dragon with evil pride. He dropped my father's burnt body and watched as the body landed in our corn field. They then flew away, away with Fireseeker, who desperately tried to fly back to my father but couldn't due to the size and power difference of the dragon pulling him away.

   My father was dead, burnt to a crisp at the orders of the boy who also had taken away the remainder of my real family. 


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