Dragon Scales

The name's Bella, Bella Grande. I'm a dragon rider. Well I was until the terrible day when my dragon, Fireseeker was taken away from me to be trained for the mighty war of our nation. My father lost his life trying to save Fireseeker. Now I will avenge him. I will kill the gorgeous boy who killed him.


10. Fireseeker's Frenzy

   I eventually chose the dragon that I rode in training, Fury. He was fast and agile with deadly blue fire that shot out of his mouth at amazing speeds and reached incredible distances. He was not as gentle and caring as Fireseeker, but he would have to do. I hadn't seen Fireseeker yet so I look forward to group training today at noon. I hastily pulled on the itchy purple robe and the rough, leather boots and head off. I am in 'Group One', it consists of two dragons like mine, a Blue Tailed Hornback, two Black Ringed Snorkel Backs and Josh and his magnificent Fire Winged Smooth Back, I learned that this is the only dragon of these kind in our army, but the East had none. I was glad of that.

   When we got there I followed Josh, he walked over to the huge stone building with the huge number '1' painted over the door and unlocked it. He struggled to pull it open but eventually it was open. Inside, the floor was covered in hay and manure, it smelled ghastly. I looked around to see four brick walls with nothing but chains and harnesses on the wall, on the end of the chains were all of the Dragons in Group One chained to the wall, one in each corner and two in the middle. Fury was waiting patiently in the back right hand corner. I ran over to him and took the harness off the wall. It took longer than usual to put this harness on because it was bigger than the one had been on the farm. I struggled for a few minutes, then I looked around to see all of the men standing patiently beside their harnessed dragons. I quickly did Fury's and just managed to jump down from his back to stand beside him as Josh walked in.


   The man who had argued yestarday piped up...

"U, u, ummmm, Sir, I, I, It was the n, new r, recruit's t, t, t, turn."

   After he spoke he shrank back into the shadows of his Dragon. Josh looked at me, smiled and then he looked at the man next to me, he then screamed at the top of his voice...


   The man next to the Black Ringed Snorkel Back ran to Incenius and quickly put the back harness too. Incendius was clearly not happy too because he was grunting and breathing loudly through his nose. Every time he did this Johnston would jump and yelp. Much to the dragon's amusment.

   When all of that was done Josh took us through our formation, he said that now we had six riders in our group we could do a pyramid formation, He would be in the front, then me and Johnston, then the Blue Tailed Hornback on the outside and the other Black Ringed Snorkel Back in the middle if the three at the back and the other Purple Night Smooth Back on the right of the trio in the back. We lined up like that and trotted out of the Barn and into the dazzling miday sunlight. I looked around and saw that the other four groups were waiting for us. There were many many Black Ringed Snorkel Backs here, but not near the amount of Blue Tailed Hornbacks. I could only see them for a minute, until I saw a few Red Headed Fire Snouts and then, Fireseeker. We met eyes for a second, then all hell broke loose.

   He reared and threw his unsuspecting rider off. Then he flew up into the air and flew straight downwards, every dragon there then began to get restless, but none could fly because of their riders holding them down. Some breathed fire and others roared. Fireseeker was riding frantically in circles and breathing flames, soon Josh got extremely angry. The same kind of anger I had seen on the day of my father's death. I was worried for Fireseeker's life as Josh rose up into the air, looking sinister. I shouted to him ,he didn't hear me the first time, but the second time he looked at me, and then dropped to the floor, lying on his stomach.

   I didn't realise it at the time, but I had used my normal voice, all eyes were focused on me. I coughed and apologised but then one man shouted...

"He controlled that evil dragon! He's a hero!"

The rider of Fireseeker was rolling on the floor and screeching. He looked like he was in agony, I then looked around to see patches of grass on fire and building number two on fire and a few bits of straw. The dragons were going crazy as Josh landed. He barked a command at the men and they all left, as I turned to leave he called me back. He told Johnston to take Fury and chain him back up. He did not look happy.

   He told me...

"Bella, I have kept 'ya precious secret for a while now. But it's affecting me and others, look at what has happened because of 'ya and 'it' I am going to have too have him executed for this, I is sorry Bella. Really, I is."

   I screamed and screamed until my throat hurt. He cooled me down and told me that if I wanted to try and save his life, I would have to see the King tomorrow. Whithout thinking, I said 'yes'. Tomorrow at noon, I would visit the King, and I would be trying to save Fireseeker's life

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