Dragon Scales

The name's Bella, Bella Grande. I'm a dragon rider. Well I was until the terrible day when my dragon, Fireseeker was taken away from me to be trained for the mighty war of our nation. My father lost his life trying to save Fireseeker. Now I will avenge him. I will kill the gorgeous boy who killed him.


8. Declared: Dragon Rider

   It took a day travelling west to get to the palace, it was magnificent, tall cream towers rose form the ground, big buildings with pillars to support them were everywhere. But that was all I saw, I was fed gruel and water this morning. It felt like I was back on the farm, I didn't like that feeling.

   I was then led to a small building where there was five men waiting for me, I was taken aback when I saw who the last one was, Josh. Anger welled up inside of me as he stared coldly at me. The first man stepped forward and told me that this was training. He said that each of them were in leaders of each way of attack, he led archery, the tall skinny man led horses. Then the small, stocky man led hand to hand, the man covered in scars led weaponry, and last was Josh, he led Dragons, no suprise there.

   I was taken by the leader of bows and arrows to his station outside, I was doing quite well in bows and arrows and the man was clearly impressed, he said that I had natural talent in shooting and I would most likely have a place there if I wasn't better at anything else. I was annoyed with myself for doing so well. I wanted to be a dragon rider. I had to be.

   I was useless on a horse because I was always expecting it to fly. I fell off many times and the man told me 'I was not going to ride horses in this war' I was glad. I never liked horses anyway, they slobbered everywhere. I never liked the donkey I had when I was six after it bit me. Horses were the same.

   I was not the best at hand to hand, the man could easily hit me every time. He laughed every time I swung, this really angered me. I began to wait untill he didn't expect me to hit him, when I finally hit him he fell to the ground, almost weeping and winded. He glared at me whilst he was on the floor and told me I would not be in hand to hand combat. I laughed when he said that. He became very angry, got up and ran for me. I panicked, I was frozen to the spot as he charged at me. He almost hit me but a shield was put infront of me. He ran into the shield and was knocked out, I looked up to see the man covered in scars holding the shield and tutting loudly at the man unconcious on the floor.

   Weaponry did not go well, all swords were too light and my grip was terrible. I was close to impaling the man with a flying sword many times, my session there was over quickly. He led me to josh, who couldn't take his eyes off me.

   Josh was the only one who gave his name, not that I needed it. He made me fly a dark purple spikeback Dragon, his name was 'Fury' . He had an oval shaped head and large pointed wings. I flew him excellently through the obstacles and made no errorrs. Josh called me Bella whenever he he spoke to me, this made me nervous and angry,he knew who I was yet he ddn't tell the others, why? I had forgotton how handsome he was, yet he killed my Father. I would never forgive him. Never. I wouldn't make it as a Dragon Rider because Josh was marking me, I was distraught.

   The results came back in the night, I was waiting in a small room, waiting to be classified so I could go to that cabin. My results came late at night, a gaurd gave them to me and left, they were in an envelope, they read:

Name: John Grande

Archery:80%, Horse Riding:25%, Hand To Hand Combat:15%, Weaponry:50%, Dragon Riding:95%.

Declared: Dragon Rider


Report to Cabin 5 Immediately. Training starts at noon. Good luck!

King Geoffrey III

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