Dragon Scales

The name's Bella, Bella Grande. I'm a dragon rider. Well I was until the terrible day when my dragon, Fireseeker was taken away from me to be trained for the mighty war of our nation. My father lost his life trying to save Fireseeker. Now I will avenge him. I will kill the gorgeous boy who killed him.


2. Conversation In The Clouds

   The death of my beloved father happened a mere two weeks ago, it was a fine spring morning and I decided to fly Fireseeker in the morning as well as late at night. The early morning sun's rays had poured into my shabby little room and woken me. I got dressed, ate my lukewarm gruel and shuddered as it slipped down my throat and sat at the bottom of my stomach (I dreaded it spinning around in my stomach as I whirled up high above the farm). I rushed out of the door, my dainty feet taking me as fast as I could go. I ran to the old barn, with the hole in the roof, and whistled for Fireseeker. I knew where he would be hiding, and sure enough he appeared suddenly, from the scorched pile of hay big enough to hide a dragon with the wingspan of a small field.

   He always had loved to play hide and seek. A mighty dragon all in all, but he couldn't hurt a fly(even if it laid in front of his clawed foot as it came down like a boulder off of a cliff). He looked over to me in the way that I had always said was a smile and flown. I took him to the other barn that I use as a workshop the other side of the field and kitted up. I loved this routine, as my father had drilled into me every time we flew together...

"Kit up from the feet up!"

     I started by slipping on my supple leather boots and then the knee pads I wore just in the event of me falling. I knew I wouldn't fall but it felt familiar to have them pressing against my knee as I soared through the crisp cool air. After that came the attachment belt that clipped to my harness and then my goggles that I only wore to keep my hair out of my face.

   My father had always said it in such a funny manner, like the father everybody wanted but no one had. No one but me I had thought. But now he was gone, and when I recalled any of my fantastic memories with him I felt a stab of grief. I had to avenge him, and I would get Fireseeker in the process too.

   I had strapped my trusty harness on Fireseeker, climbed on, clipped myself in and within a minute we were soaring high in the sky. Not a care in the world, but then all that ended when I saw the a blur of red, whatever it was shot past me and was visible for barely a second, they shot out of one of the small clouds and into another like the wind. Gone, just like they came, in an instant. I began to chase after the person to have a better look. Looking back on that time I wish I hadn't, I wish I had turned around and camped out in the safe barn until the red blur passed.

    I shot through the cloud at full speed, urging Fireseeker to go faster, faster. I distinctively remember how I had looked all around me,in every direction. I could see no one, not a soul in the air, not even a blackbird or a gull. Nothing. I had been about to fly on when a voice sounded behind me. It was a man's voice, a boy's, a young man's. He spoke with an unfamiliar twang that I knew came from the city, he shouted to me kindly...

"That's a nice dragon you got 'ere m'lady, very nice indeed! Where does ya live? Take me 'ere"

   I turned around, fuming. I can remember that there questions spinning around my head like no tomorrow, 'Who was he?' 'What did he want?' 'How dare he demand to go to my house?' 'What was he doing up here?'

   I can remember turning around, scowling, ready to give him what I thought-whatever my white hot tongue could produce, but my mouth stopped working as I laid eyes on him. He was gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous actually. All I could do was gape at his features, his square shoulders, his long blonde hair that got in the way of his mesmerizing hazel eyes, his chiseled jaw and most of all, his rippling muscles. I was in love with these features.

"Uh, 'ello, Miss? Excuse me? I gave ya an order!"

   Then I can remember snapping back into the real me, I had snapped at him, shouting as loud as I could, struggling to make myself heard over the steady, constant beat of powerful wings. I told him that he was no authority figure over me and he cannot 'order' me to do something. He scowled at me, rummaged around in the satchel that was strapped to his dragon and pulled out an old, withered piece of parchment. From here it was unreadable, but he read it out to me in his smug voice anyway, grinning uncontrollably he had said ...

"I hereby declare that this man, Joshua Higgins is to be able to request permission into any home in which he wishes to stay and speak to the owners of any house and the owners of any dragon"

   I butted in, (much to his annoyance) I mocked back in the voice of someone from the city...

"Who wrote that? 'ya 'Mummy'? Awwwwh, cute!"

   I began to laugh but he cut me off, I could tell he was seething.Before me on a dragon was a volcano of anger in a young man's body. He sounded more official...

"Declared by Our Royal Highness, King Geoffrey III"

   Once again I was gaping, I can remember hundreds of questions whizzing through my head, 'He worked for the King?' 'How on earth did he land a job like that?' I was utterly overwhelmed, and I hated the feeling that had rested in my gut. Half anger, half love.

"Now will 'ya take me to yer 'ouse? Farmer girl?"

   He jeered, I had hated him more and loved him less at that moment. I nodded slowly and descended from the clouds, back into the burning sunlight. He was following me quickly. It was arguably the most frustrating thing ever to happen in my life, yet little did I know, worse was to come. The saying that my mother used to say had sprung into my mind whilst flying, I remember it clearly, 'love to hate someone' that's how I had felt about this 'Joshua'. I officially hate him now though.

   We descended to my small farm, where father was looking up at me and waving dramatically with both hands, then he saw the boy, pointed and ran inside, he fetched my mother and they both watched us land with a rather large bump in the neighboring field.

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