Dragon Scales

The name's Bella, Bella Grande. I'm a dragon rider. Well I was until the terrible day when my dragon, Fireseeker was taken away from me to be trained for the mighty war of our nation. My father lost his life trying to save Fireseeker. Now I will avenge him. I will kill the gorgeous boy who killed him.


17. Bloody And Bruised

   I was dazed but I was up, I was surrounded by my fellow fighters, a few were bloody and some had bandages around their arms or heads. I was shocked someone had remembered these. I supported myself on my elbows and looked around. Dragons lay either sleeping or dead. There seemed to be a lot alive, more than half. We had fought well, I couldn't remember how well, but I remember their huge number of untrained dragons.

   The first thing I said was...

"Fireseeker, I, I must see him! He fell! N, n, now!"

Someone who I didn't regonise cooled me down, he told me that Fireseeker was OK, but he was being treated by Josh and some highly qualified doctors who had joined the army. I slurred out my sentence...

" Whhhy haas hhe beeeen treateed beefoore ootheers?"

"Because Josh told them that this was extremely important. He really loves you mind. Really, he does. Now let's get you standing again!"

   Three men lifted me and steadied me. The world tilted a bit, the man explained how I had hit my head on a rock when I fell, and had been momenterily knocked out. I looked over to the place where I landed and saw blood. I smiled weakly and said...

"My Father always said I was a bleeder."

   Somehow this made the uneasy crowd laugh. I tried to join in but my throat was too dry, I kept asking for water hoarsley, but I could not be heared over their laughter. They must have had a bad day. But this cheered them all up. I was tapped lightly on the shoulder by someone. I turned around to see Josh with a jug of water. He handed it to me and ran back to the other crowd before I had a chance to thank him. I gulped down the water and threw the jug on the floor. The laughter had eased  the moment. I walked slowly and carefully to the other crowd to see them all treating Fireseeker. He looked fine but they were feeding him and stroking him. I spoke up...

"Uhhem. Could I have a word with the dragon please, alone?"

   They backed away, nodding and telling me how brave Fireseeker was. I knelt down to him and stroked him. I snuggled in to him and told him...

"It's alright boy, we're safe. We won the war. We did it! Well done!"

Then I heard a high-pitched scream, it came form one of the men. I looked at him and saw he was pointing in the sky. I followed his finger and was shocked at what met my eyes.

   There was a huge dragon the size of at least one hundred barns. It was heading towards us. Its jet black wings were huge and covered a great distance. Its body was black with two piercing red eyes. Everyone screamed and tried to run. But we were all too late. It reached us, hovered and landed on the debris of the city. It bent down and inhaled, it was going to turn us all into a bonfire.

   I was prepared to die I closed my eyes and waited for the intense heat to consume me. I could hear the sounds of burning flesh and scales but could not fell anything. Was this what it felt like to be dead? I opened my eyes wearily and was consumed but green scales. I looked around where I was and discovered where I was, safe in the protection of Fireseeker's wing. He must have saved me. I must be the only survivor. What about Fireseeker though? Was he alive? I hoped so but I knew I was wrong. No one nor dragon could take this heat. The flames subsided and eventually I could hear the steady beat of wings in the distance. I lifted his wing to see blackness. Everything was charred. Bodies of humans, not dragons only piles of scales. I was puzzled by this. I looked at Fireseeker. His body was not there anymore. Just green a pile of green scales, they were a bit charred. Somehow I had survived under his wing. But I was the only survivor. I didn't even need to look. Fireseeker had given his life saving me. I loved him more than anything or anyone in the world. I cried openly as I took one of his scales and left.

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