Riley Smart is a new girl at school and has no trouble fitting in. She quickly makes friends and searches for love. She soon has a crush on two boys in her grade; Max Levitt and Tim Lexington. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that Max is bisexual and has had a crush on Tim for a long time now. A new crazy love triangle is soon formed. The three teenagers will experience numerous hardships throughout the year, Secrets will be kept, others will be broken.

Work in Progress.


2. Lunch: Max

    Why do they always have to serve crappy food? I thought as I made my way through the lunch line toward the food. Derek was right behind me making a dumb joke as usual. He obviously needed to change his source of jokes. I got a slice of pizza and a soda and made my way to the table all of my friends were sitting at. Derek followed behind me. We sat down at the table along with Ryan, Les, Ben, and Tim.

    Tim! Tim was all that Max could look at at that moment. Tim, with his dirty blond hair, and his sexy six pack. He was wearing a tight shirt to show it off. He always liked to show off. Tim must have just made a joke because the rest of the guys were laughing. Tim always had the best jokes.

"It's about time you guys got here," Les said to me and Derek.

"Sorry, It was a long line," I answered. I then saw Tim look down at my food.

"Alright, you gotta give me your secret Max. How are you able to eat that much bad food and stay in shape? I have to work out everyday and eat tons of salads to look the way I do," Tim explained.

"Well usually, I eat bad foods for lunch and good foods at dinner. That way have an equal metabolism for football," I replied.

    I forgot I had practice that afternoon! So much for practicing guitar. Damn! I was looking forward to practicing some green day. Oh well, I gotta keep my commitment. When drama club starts up this spring, I was going to have to be ready if I wanted to get a lead role.

"Hey, Tim, there's a girl staring at you over there!" Ben exclaimed.

    I looked over at the other table, and there was indeed a girl staring at him. She had dark brown hair and had a lot of eye shadow on. She wasn't too skinny, which is good. I've never been attracted to anorexic people. If I had the oppritunity, I would probably ask her out. But he wasn't to happy that she was googly eyeing Tim. It was funny, I've never been the jealous type! The girl then got up and walked over to our table. She walked over to Tim, smiling. She held out her hand.

"Hi, there. I'm Riley" She said, kind of timid. Tim shook her hand.

"Tim. It's nice to meet you." He replied back with a smile.

"Hey, would it be weird if I asked for your number?" She asked.

"As long as you don't sing Call Me Maybe," Tim said with a laugh.

"God no! I hate that song!" Riley laughed back.

    Tim then proceeded to write his number on a small slip of paper and then handed it to her. She smiled, then walked away. When she got back to her table, all the guys began to laugh. Tim began to turn beat red. That was when the bell rang. Everyone began to get up and leave the cafeteria. I got up and walked out sort of angrily.

    For the first time ever I was jealous for two reasons at the same time. One reason was because that Riley chick asked his crush out on a date. But the other reason was the fact that she didn't ask me out on a date. I mean, I don't think I am that bad looking of a kid.

    In case you didn't know by now, I am bisexual.   

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