Riley Smart is a new girl at school and has no trouble fitting in. She quickly makes friends and searches for love. She soon has a crush on two boys in her grade; Max Levitt and Tim Lexington. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that Max is bisexual and has had a crush on Tim for a long time now. A new crazy love triangle is soon formed. The three teenagers will experience numerous hardships throughout the year, Secrets will be kept, others will be broken.

Work in Progress.


3. Locker Room: Riley

As I exited the cafeteria, I was filled with excitement. It's only the first day of school and I already have a guy's number. It was going to be a good year. Abby lead me down the hall back to her locker. She began switching out books.

"So do you think you can go through the rest of the day on your own?" Abby asked.

"Yeah, I should be good. Thank you so much," I replied, too caught up with Tim to even think about Abby.

Abby shut her locker and walked down the hall toward her next class, leaving me all alone to melt over the number that laid in her hand. I stared at the number for a few more moments, before deciding to come back to reality. I took out my schedule and looked at what my next class was. Physical Education, my least favorite class. Down in Richmond, the PE teacher had a huge crush on me. He was such a perv. Hopefully this guy was better. I walked into the gym and introduced myself to the teacher, who was a girl, thank god. That just made life more easier for me. Today was definitely a good day. I went into the locker room to get changed into some clothes when a very strange thing happened.

I was the only one in the locker room at the time, all the other girls got changed really fast. I slipped my shirt on and some gym short and began washing my hands. (I'm sort of a clean freak). Suddenly, a boy who looked just about my age ran into the bathroom and hid behind a set of lockers. I clearly saw him in the mirror. He had short black hair and was well built. He was actually pretty hot. But what was he doing in the girls locker room?

I decided to approach him. I slowly snuck around the set of lockers and tapped on his shoulder from behind. He was really startled at first then relieved.

"Oh, thank god it's you?" He said with a sigh.

"Um do I know you, and why are you in the girl's locker room." I asked very confused.

"There is no time to explain. Listen, you have to promise me that you will tell no one I was in here. I'm just going to sneak out the back door. If anyone asks where I am, you tell them I went to the nurses office. Am I clear?" He explained, clearly strained.

"Yeah, your fine, I won't tell anyone," I said. I didn't really have any reason to tell anyone on my first day.

The boy thanked me and quickly ran out of the back door of the girl's locker room, leaving me very confused as to what just happened. I decided to set the strange affair aside and continue the rest of my day normally.

After school, I quickly ran home and began blasting music from my I-pod. My parents won't be home for another two hours, which meant I didn't have to do homework at the moment. I went on my laptop and chatted with some of my old friends from Richmond. I then took some time to friend request Abby and Tim. Just looking at Tim's profile picture made me melt. He was wearing the same, sexy tight shirt that showed of his six pack during lunch.

I then thought about the boy that was in the locker room today and how cute he was. Maybe I should have gotten his number before he ran out of the locker room. I put the thought aside and then began rummaging through my backpack. I found Tim's number all the way at the bottom. I pulled my cell phone out and dialed the number that was written on the crumpled sheet of paper.

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