Riley Smart is a new girl at school and has no trouble fitting in. She quickly makes friends and searches for love. She soon has a crush on two boys in her grade; Max Levitt and Tim Lexington. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that Max is bisexual and has had a crush on Tim for a long time now. A new crazy love triangle is soon formed. The three teenagers will experience numerous hardships throughout the year, Secrets will be kept, others will be broken.

Work in Progress.


1. First Day: Riley

    Today was the day I started at my new school. Originally, I lived in Richmond, Virginia. When my father got transferred to Providence, Rhode Island; I was heart broken. All of my friendships, my house, and my boyfriend; they were all going away. My boyfriend and I agreed that it just wouldn't work if we tried a long distant relationship. So we had a mutual break-up and that was the end of it. But I was determined to find love at my new school. I did not want to be single for long.

    I was dropped of by my father in front of the large school. Providence High School was half the size of Richmond high. The environment felt different then Richmond. The air was cooler, the smell of the nearby sea was in the air. I wasn't used to it. Everything had changed, even our house seemed smaller. Everything was small.

    I got out of the car, backpack on one shoulder, ready to start my new life. My dad had already made arrangements with the principal. I was to meet the principal in his office. I quickly made my way there and asked the secretary if it was ok if I entered, she said yes. I opened the door and slowly walked into the office. The name on the desk said Principal Meyers. The man sitting behind the desk looked up at me intently. 

"You must be Riley," he said.

"Yes," I replied, kind of nervous. He stood up and held out his hand.

"I'm Principal Meyers, welcome to Providence High School. You're going to love it here," He said with a smile. I returned the smile and shook his hand. He then walked over to a small intercom box and pressed a button. His voice was suddenly heard around the whole school, "Would Abby Levitt please come to the principal's office." He then released the button and his voice could no longer be heard. He walked over to me.

"Abby is a nice girl and will give you a great tour of the school," He told me.

"Great," I said with false excitement. I never liked tours.

    A girl with long blonde hair walked in. She was tall and skinny, with long legs. She wore an appropriate amount of make-up, not like the girls at Richmond who smothered their faces with it, making them look like sluts. This girl didn't look like a hore at all. She looked natural.

"Riley, this is Abby Levitt. She will be graduating this year," Meyers then turned to Abby, "Abby, this is Riley, she's a junior. I want you to give her a tour of the school. Introduce her to some people."

"Sure thing Principal Meyers," Abby replied.

"Thank you Abby," Meyers said. Then he dismissed them from his office.

    I followed Abby down the crowded hallway. She must have been on the track team, because she walked really fast. She made a quick stop at her locker.

"So where did you move from?" Abby asked as she switched out her books.

"Richmond, Virginia," I replied.

"Wow, you had a long travel!" Abby said surprised.

    Abby then shut her locker and continued to walk down the hallway. She quickly showed me the library, the computer lab, and the courtyard before walking into a large cafeteria. We both walked to the lunch line and got our lunches. I got a garden salad and a Snapple. We then sat at a nearby table and began to eat. The salad was gross and the Snapple was flat. Great, another school with more awful food. Abby was talking about the school and other stuff, but at that point I had sort of tuned her out.

    I was just looking around the room when suddenly, somebody caught my eye. A hot boy was sitting at a table in the distance. He had obviously just told a joke because everyone at the table was laughing. The boy was very muscular and had perfectly dirty blonde hair. Riley was extremely attracted to the six pack that he had. 

    That was the day I met my first crush, and my entire high school career would change.

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