The New Girl

Things are just going to get harder for 17 year old
Abby. She moving into a new house,starting a new
school,and going to have to make new friends or
esle she will be a loner. Like what's
next her parents getting divorced
Anyways Abby knows that it's her year of prom
She can't wait!!!! She's hoping to someone special to
go with or a least a friend so she won't have to go
alone. Will Abby like her new school,house and find
some to go to prom with,read on to find out.


4. The next day

I woke up to sun shining in my face,it was so bright. Then I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, good thing my mom had a left my toothbrush and toothpaste for me. When I was done I went to go get dress. I got a pair of jogging pants and a tee that said ' I love One Direction'. But then I remembered what my mom had said "wear your best clothes so people can notice you". Then I put those clothes away and pulled out a long sleeve white and red striped shirt,dark blue skinny jeans,gold bangles,flower necklace and earrings and light brown leather boots and put them on.I went to the washroom to brush my hair and put it to the side. Then I smelled something good,I smelled French toast and eggs. "Mmmmmm,I can't wait to get breakfast" I said to myself. As I passed by my sister room she saw my outfit and said "Ewwwwwwwww what are your wearing !" Abagil said rudely to me. " Whats wrong with my outfit its one of the best outfit I have Abagil and why do you have to be rude to me like can't you just wake up without  you being rude to me" I said to her. "Whatever" she said to me. "See there you go again" Abby said to her sister. Abby went downstairs to get her breakfast. She saw her mom and dad siting at the table eating breakfast. "Good morning mom and dad" I said. "Good morning" sweetie said my mom. "Good morning Abby" said my dad. "Your breakfast is right here" said my mom. "Thanks mom" i said. While Abby was eating her breakfast Skitles went under her legs. "Hey Skitles" said Abby "Hurry up Abby you don't want to be late for school" Abby's mom told her. "Yes mom" Abby said."And Abby can you do me a favor and get Abagil please" asked my mom. "Sure, just let me get my book bag" I told my mom. "Okay,thanks" my mom said to me. Abby got her book bag and went to get Abagil. After Abby got Abagil they went downstairs,said good-bye to their parents. "Abby I can see you used my advice,I hope things work out well for you at school" my mom said to me as she wink at me. " Me to,thanks mom love yah" I said to my mom. "Hurry up Abby like gosh" my sister said. "Okay okay I'm coming" said Abby. And they headed out the door for school.

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