The New Girl

Things are just going to get harder for 17 year old
Abby. She moving into a new house,starting a new
school,and going to have to make new friends or
esle she will be a loner. Like what's
next her parents getting divorced
Anyways Abby knows that it's her year of prom
She can't wait!!!! She's hoping to someone special to
go with or a least a friend so she won't have to go
alone. Will Abby like her new school,house and find
some to go to prom with,read on to find out.


3. My new room

I went in the direction of my new room. I stood in front of the door then I open it.......

"Wow!!!!!!!!!" I said. "My room is beautiful and I think it's even bigger then Abagil's room. "Abagil and Abby come downstairs now your dad here with the pizza. "Okay coming" said Abagil. " I'll be there in a minute mom" I said. I didn't wanna leave my room because this was the best room I had so far in my life. It was cozy,big and most of all it was mine. Abby went out of her room and headed down the stairs into the kitchen. "Hey guys sorry i was taking to long I just love my new room its sooooooooo nice" I explained to them. " Well grab a slice of pizza and lets all talked about how were going to unpack things and put our new house in order" said my dad. "Okay" I said. We all headed to the living room and I grabed the pizza box,since there we didn't put the couches there yet,we had to sit on the ground.

"First were going to put the rooms upstairs in order like the washroom,the bedrooms and so on and so on" said my mother. " Okay" me and my sister said as we nodded our heads. "Then we will work our way downstairs" our dad added. I reached my hand out to grab for the last slice but my sister wanted it to so both of our hands touched the pizza slice. Abagil moved my hand away and she grab the slice of pizza.

"Hey! I was going to get the last slice of pizza first!" I said. " You snooze you lose okay sis" she said to me. " Whatever,I'm going upstairs to my room I need a break form you Abagil!" I yelled at her. Abby went upstairs to her room and went into her box and pulled out her favourite book 'The Truth Cookie'. Abby was enjoying her book but 30 minutes later she fell asleep. Then Abby's mom saw her and went to go get her a blanket. She came back and went into Abby's room and put the blanket on her.


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