The New Girl

Things are just going to get harder for 17 year old
Abby. She moving into a new house,starting a new
school,and going to have to make new friends or
esle she will be a loner. Like what's
next her parents getting divorced
Anyways Abby knows that it's her year of prom
She can't wait!!!! She's hoping to someone special to
go with or a least a friend so she won't have to go
alone. Will Abby like her new school,house and find
some to go to prom with,read on to find out.


2. Inside our new home

When I went inside our new house it looked big,I love it. " Mom!" I called. " Yes Abby,I'm in the kitchen packing away the spoons,forks,plates and cups" my mom said. " Okay I'm coming." As I came into the kitchen and I put Skitles down.

"Mom do you have a ice pack?" I asked my mom. "Yes I do sweetie,but why do you one?" my mom asked. " Long story short,by accident one of the moving truck guys droped a box full of spoons,forks and plates on my foot and I have a bruise on my toe." I told my mom. " Okay I'll get one out of the fridge,here you go Abby." said my mom.

"Thanks mom, but can I ask you one more question?" I asked my mom. "Sure" my mom said. "Well do you think people will like me at my new school ?" Abby asked her mom. "Yah sure your a wonderful girl,I think you will make friends easily and wear your best clothes so people can notice you,okay sweetie." Abby's mom told her. "Thanks for the advice mom,love yah." I said to her. "Anytime sweetie and can you go ask your sister if she hungry because dad called and said he was ordering pizza." my mom told me. "Okay mom be right back." I told her. As I went upstairs I couldn't belive my eyes it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful and the best part was there were 4 bedrooms so me and my sister don't have to share. I went to Abagil's room and she was almost done getting her room in order,she's lucky because i haven't even started yet. "Abagil are you hungry?" I asked her. " Obviously I haven't even ate yet" she said in a annoyed voice. "Okay okay you don't have to be so rude" I told her. "whatever" she said as she through one of her pillow's at me. Then I gave her dirty look as I left her room. I headed downstairs and told my mom that Abagil is hungry,then I came back upstairs to see what my new room looked like.

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