The New Girl

Things are just going to get harder for 17 year old
Abby. She moving into a new house,starting a new
school,and going to have to make new friends or
esle she will be a loner. Like what's
next her parents getting divorced
Anyways Abby knows that it's her year of prom
She can't wait!!!! She's hoping to someone special to
go with or a least a friend so she won't have to go
alone. Will Abby like her new school,house and find
some to go to prom with,read on to find out.


1. A new start

I stood there hugging my friends when my mom called me "Abby its time go now the moving truck is ready to go." I'll be there in a minute mom" I said. My friends looked at me and said "were really gonna miss you Abby,we hope you come and visit soon.

" I'm going to miss you guys to and don't worry I promise I'll will visit" I said with a serious look on my face. I started to cry and I waved good-bye,my friends waved good-bye back and I walked to the car. I could hear my sister Abagil saying " hurry up Abby your so slow!!!" she yelled at me. "Shut up Abagil your not the boss of me" I told her. " I'm older than you, so yes I am the boss of you." she yelled back at me. " Whatever you big......"  "Stop! our mom said as she interupted me. " I want this to be and a new start for us so can you girls please stop arguing."  " Yah your mother is right you girls need to stop arguing" said our dad. " Fine we will stop arguing mom&dad." me and my sister said. After a long 2 hours of driving we were finally at our new house. Abagil opened the car door and said "Oooooo this house looks nice." As the moving truck people were moving the boxes into our new house one of them accidently droped  a box full of metal spoons,forks and plates on my foot. "Owwww I screamed. "Hey!!! whats going on" my dad said. " One of the moving truck people droped one of the boxes on my foot by accident and don't worry dad  he said sorry." i said to my dad. " Are you okay Abby?" my dad asked.

" Yes I'm fine dad,I just got a little bruise on my toe but I'm fine,I'm going to get Skitles and go inside and ice my bruised toe." By the way Skitles is our dog.


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