Haley was reaping the consequences of sticking around with her alcoholic boyfriend. She felt like she needed him. She had no one else. But one thing, one person saved her...It was destiny...


3. Second chances

Haley's P.O.V.:
I heard the little jingle of a bell on a door open, and soon a dark figure was stanching over me. I couldn't see his face, but he had charming, boyish characteristics. "what happened?!" he yelled. "m-my boyfriend. He um got angry at m-me." I managed to gasp before everything went dark.
Niall's POV: I was scared to death. No cabs were visible anywhere, so I had no choice but to carry her there. I bent over and picked up her small, limp body and began to run down the street. Rain hit my face, feeling like a thousand needles stinging me relentlessly. Thankfully the hospital was just 4 1/2 blocks away. When we got inside, I ran to the desk. The receptionist looked slightly shocked at the wet, bloody girl hAnging motionless in my arms. "she got shot! She needs help now!" I said. In less than a minuite she was being wheeled away through a pair of white doors.
*7 hours later*
I say on the edge of a clean, white bed. Staring at the girl. She looked so small and helpless. So cold and alone. Did she have anyone else? Would Jake come back?
Haley's POV: as I regained consciousness I saw the boy sitting at the end of my bed, holding my hand. How long had I been unconscious? Has he stayed here the whole time? Should I trust him?... "how are you, love?" he said, his hand shaking. "I uh I'm okay I guess." I said, just noticing the stabbing pain in my side. "so can you tell me how this happened?" he asked hesitantly. "well I came home and jake came home soon after, and um.. We got in an argument and I could tell he was drunk. I was scared and didn't know what to do so I ran.he chased me and when I didn't come back he uh shot me I guess.." I said. Trying not to show how much pain I was really in. "how long have you been living with jake?" he asked. "since my parents were killed in a fire last year."
After some silence he asked, with deep concern and sorrow plaguing his voice, "darling, tell me the truth. Do you have anywhere to go? Anyone?" I looked down. My head was screaming at me not to let this stranger in, but my heart told me it was okay. I could trust him. I felt as if, somehow I knew him. "no. I don't." I said, still looking down at my lap. He reached over and lifted my chin, gently with a soft, warm hand. He moved closer and looked in my eyes. As he spoke in his angelic, velvety accent, I was lost in a sea of crystal blue. His eyes were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. "you are welcome to stay with me and the boys for as long as you need." he said and embraced me in a hug. At that moment I felt so safe, so warm inside. He burried his face in my neck, and it felt so real. So genuine. Like nothing I had felt before. All of a sudden the door opened and we both jumped. Jake walked in. His appearance made my stomach twist with discomfort. "I-I am SO sorry Haley. I never meant to hurt you. I didn't know what I was doing. Give me a second chance?..." I felt like I should. But couldn't bring myself to forgive him again. Niall read my eyes. He could tell I was searching for something to say. "I really think its best if you just leave. You've done enough." Niall said calmly. "fine." jake replied, and walked out.
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