Haley was reaping the consequences of sticking around with her alcoholic boyfriend. She felt like she needed him. She had no one else. But one thing, one person saved her...It was destiny...


5. Home sweet home

Nialls POV: I carried her to an elevator and put her down, pushing the up button before any fans could squeeze in. We both stood there in silence for a second, and then burst out laughing. She had such a cute laugh.

When we reached our floor, I helped her walk to the door. Damn! I forgot my key. *knocks on door* "Harry? Hellooooo? Can you let us in?..." couple minuites later, We heard a click, and the familiar mop of curls appeared at the door. "hey ni-" Harry started to say. "who's your friend?" he said in a cheeky tone. "This is Haley. She's gonna be staying with us for a while." I explained. I didn't like the way Harry was looking at her. I could tell he liked her. No doubt the flirt master would be working his charm on her soon. I began to feel extremely protective. "hello love" Harry said with a wink. "okay um so now that you've met can you let us in Harry?" I asked, slightly annoyed that he was so good at it. "sure."

Harry went back to the kitchen and I showed Haley around the place. "so this is just a hotel room we're staying in for now, on this part of the's not much but it's home for now."

"it's great." Haley said with a smile. "mind if I wash up? I feel really gross"

"of course I'll show you to the bathroom."

Haley's POV:

Niall led me to the bathroom and I hopped in the shower.

After I washe up, I realized I had no clothes other than the blood stained jeans and sweatshirt. "Niall?"

"yes love?" he responded

"I don't have any clothes to wear..." I said, slightly embarresed.

"okay um I'll find something"

Nialls POV: I ran to the bedroom and desperately rummaged through the heaps of clothes and whatever else covered the floor. All I found that was clean was a pair of my boxers and a blue hoodie sweatshirt. This would have to do...

I ran to the bathroom and knocked on the door, my hand shaking. "uh this is all I could find. Hope it's okay" I said. The door opened a crack and her hand reached out. I put the pile of clothes in it. "thanks." she said.

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