Haley was reaping the consequences of sticking around with her alcoholic boyfriend. She felt like she needed him. She had no one else. But one thing, one person saved her...It was destiny...


7. Breakfast with the boys

Harrys pov: ugh is it morning already? I looked over and saw Niall an haley snuggled up in his bed. They looked so happy. Hmm.. I wonder if they did it? I thought with a smirk. No probably not. Wonder what's for breakfast?...

Niall's POV: "Haley? Haley wake up."

"what?" she said, slowly coming out of a sleepy fog. "I'm hungry wanna go get breakfast somewhere? Sorry to wake you."
"oh yeah I'm hungry too."

"okay cool.:) let's go get in the car. Harry and Louis are gonna come too if you don't mind."

"no problem. What about zayn and Liam?"

"they went to the mall. They'll be back later." I explained.

"okay." she said with a yawn, standing up and stretching. We got dressed, the four of us just in sweatpants and and t-shirts, and snuck out the back of the hotel. We walked a short way to the subway and went to a small cafe in the center of the city.

Louis' POV:
I could tell Niall really fancied this girl. She was about 5'3" tall and quite thin, but healthy looking. She was very cute. I could see why she caught his eye. Harry had taken a liking to her as well, but not in the same way. He just had dirty thoughts I could tell.

Niall was walking ahead with Haley, and the cafe was in sight. Me an haz lagged behind a ways but stayed close. Haley bent down to tie her shoe and Niall was
Waiting outside the coffee shop. Just to mess with poor nialler I walked by and gave her a quick pat on the bum and said "c'mon girl" and then walked into the shop. I smirked and looked at Niall, seeing jealousy and rage building. Oh how I loved messing with him. He was so protective which is what made it so fun.

Niall's POV I was about ready to explode! Lou knew just how to bug me. He was enjoying it so much. I waited for Haley who ran to catch up and we
Went to sit with Harry and Lou. Her face was bright red when she walked in and kicked Louis playfully as she sat down between him and me. We ordered food and Harry started a conversation. "so, Haley, got any plans tonight?" he asked.

"umm nope." she answered casually. I knew where this was going. "actually I was going to take her to dinner." I jumped in. "okay" Harry said, sounding disappointed. The four of us talke for a while and finished our food. Haley ate almost as much as I did! Wow thT was so attractive. I had never met a girl who could eat so much before.
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