Haley was reaping the consequences of sticking around with her alcoholic boyfriend. She felt like she needed him. She had no one else. But one thing, one person saved her...It was destiny...


2. A shot in the dark

The smell of his breath threatened to raise my lunch, but fear held it back. In a pannick, I ran. Ran for my life out of the building and down the streets. What am I running from? Jake or myself? My life. When I thought I had finally gotten away, I stopped running and stood there, gasping for breath. My heart was beating so fast I thought it might explode. All of a sudden I heard a shout. I looked up and saw jake standing at the end of the block, a glazed look in his eye, with his hand in his pocket. "don't run away from me!" he yelled as I began to run again. *bang!* a shot rang out. As soon as I heard it I felt it. A stabbing pain in my side, as I fell.
Niall's P.O.V.: as I finished off the contents of my plate I heard a loud bang immediately followed by an ear piercing scream. I looked up in horror out the resturant window to see a thin figure collapse onto the pavement.
I sat in shock for a few milliseconds before I jumped up and ran out into the rain, to see a young girl, i guess about 15 or 16 laying motionless in a pool of blood.
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