Haley was reaping the consequences of sticking around with her alcoholic boyfriend. She felt like she needed him. She had no one else. But one thing, one person saved her...It was destiny...


6. A night to remember

haleys POV: I dressed in niall's boxers and sweatshirt. I felt extremely awkward and embarresed but cozy and safe at the same time. I walked out to see Niall sitting on the couch eating a large bowl of popcorn.

Nialls POV: I heard the door creak open and Haley stepped out, blushing and staring at the floor. Now that the blood and tears had been washed from her face I could see how beautiful she really was. She had sparkling light green eyes and long, straight, layered brown hair. Her soft, light pink lips looked so nice and inviting. Snap out of it Niall! You don't even know If she likes you. Seeing her in my clothes made me blush, as well. We both stood in silence for a Minuit, then I broke the silence. "um come sit down" I said, searching for something to say. She sat down next to me, and looked up at me, smiling. "oh uh this might be a stupid question but to any of you have a hairbrush I can borrow?" she asked.

"oh yeah um zayn has like three" I said with a chuckle. "I'll go get you one."

I came back with the brush and handed it to her, sitting down. She took it and began pulling it through her wet hair. "ouch!" she said as it caught in a knot. "uh here let me help" I said.

Haley's POV: butterflies fluttered in my stomach as his soft, warm hand touched my head. He gently ran the brush through my hair. After a few minuites, it was completely
Knot free, and silky smooth. We talked for hours.

Nialls POV: *a few hours later* I woke up towns looke around. I didn't even remember falling asleep... I looked down and saw Haley, asleep with her head resting peacefully on my chest. She looked so small, so innocent, so beautiful. Like a sleeping angel. I couldn't bare to wake her. I gently picked her up in my arms and carried her to my room. The rest of the boys were sound asleep in their beds. I quietly placed her in mine. I lowered her head onto the pillow and crawled into bed behind her. I snuggled up to her small body and pulled the puffy blankets over us.
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