Stole My Heart

Cacey and Lexie live in Nashville, Tennessee. They take a vacation every year to their grandma's house in New York and their other grandmother vacations with them in Nashville, because she lives in County Westmeath, Ireland. Cacey has an obsession with the newest English-Irish boyband, One Direction, but Lexie's not so keen. So when their grandmother drops the bombshell that she can't afford to vacation in America this year, Cacey and Lexie are packed off to Ireland to visit her. Only Cacey finds out that one of the boyband's members lives there and will be there for the week that they are staying with their grandmother. But an unusual turn of events leaves Lexie the one who is involved with the boyband, and not Cacey...


5. You again?

Lexie pushed open the door to what was her bedroom for the next week. There was a beautifully designed dressing table, along with matching wardrobes and a beautiful day bed with a deep purple duvet and hundreds of cushions. There was a photograph of Lexie at her first journalism competition holding up her medal and her certificate, smiling away at the camera dressed in a pink gingham dress. Lexie shuddered at the sight of that dress and turned away to fix her make up and hair.

First of all, she pulled her hair out of its ponytail, and ran a brush through it. Then she stood and looked at it for about five minutes before finally deciding to wrap it into a bun. Then she stipped off her skinny jeans and Stones shirt, and pulled on a deep purple pair of shorts and a white chiffon shirt because unlike her mother's predicition, it was warm and sunny, and so she put on a pair of white pumps as well. To finish off, Lexie applied a light layer of foundation, brushed her eyelashes with mascara and lined her upper eyelid, then headed downstairs to find Cacey sitting at the table in a white summer dress and light pink heels.

"I thought maybe we could go exploring, Lexie, seeing as we still have a rented car," Cacey said, standing up.

"I thought you only rented the car for an hour."

"No. A week. Maybe we could go shopping at the mall," Cacey said, picking up her bag.

"Oh honey, you've got another think coming. We're not in LA anymore. We don't have a mall. You've got the high street and that's it," Grandma jay chipped in. And I want you home by eight so we can all sit here and have a nice meal together, OK?"

"Ok Grandma, we'll be back in time. I promise!" Cacey said, heading out of the front door.

"Where are you going?" Lexie said as Cacey walked off towards the car.

"For a drive. Do you want to come?" Cacey asked. Lexie shook her head, and without another word, the two girls went their separate ways, with Lexie finding a nice quiet park to lay back and listen to her music.

After about half an hour, someone blocked her view of the sun, and Lexie took her headphones out and sat up.

"Excuse me? Could you possibly - oh no. You again?" Lexie was suddenly disappointed and very annoyed to find that it was Niall who had been blocking her view.

"Hi!" Niall sounded genuinely pleased to see Lexie. Lexie didn't quite feel the same. "Um, I feel really bad, I never found out your name," Niall continued.

"Lexie Fitzgerald. Can you go away now please?" she snapped, annoyed that her pleasant afternoon had most definitely been ruined.

"Lexie, why do you hate me so much? I'll sing to you," Niall offered.

"Oh yay, an afternoon spent with Niall Horan, sitting next to him while he sings. A fan's dream come true. There's just one problem," Lexie said, lying down.

"What's that?"

"I'm not your fan." For the second time in one day, Niall looked hurt by Lexie's comment.

"You don't like our music?" he asked, trying to disguise the hurt in his voice.

"Oh, no, I like your music, I'm just not crazy about you," Lexie said, sitting up again.

"What? But you don't know me," Niall exclaimed, slightly confused by this girl.

"Exactly. How can I be crazy about someone that I don't know?" Lexie said, softening her tone a little bit.

"OK, that's a fair point. Look, I'll buy you an ice cream. Any particular flavour?" Niall asked, smiling at Lexie.

"Strawberry." And for the first time, Lexie smiled back at Niall.

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