Stole My Heart

Cacey and Lexie live in Nashville, Tennessee. They take a vacation every year to their grandma's house in New York and their other grandmother vacations with them in Nashville, because she lives in County Westmeath, Ireland. Cacey has an obsession with the newest English-Irish boyband, One Direction, but Lexie's not so keen. So when their grandmother drops the bombshell that she can't afford to vacation in America this year, Cacey and Lexie are packed off to Ireland to visit her. Only Cacey finds out that one of the boyband's members lives there and will be there for the week that they are staying with their grandmother. But an unusual turn of events leaves Lexie the one who is involved with the boyband, and not Cacey...


4. What???

As Lexie came round, she saw five boys standing round her bed, staring at her.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," she snapped, sitting up slowly on the hospital bed. "Where am I?" Lexie asked, looking round.

"Dublin Hospital," said a familiar voice. Niall's voice.

"Oh God. What are you doing here?" she asked, not even looking at Niall.

"You passed out. The boys helped me to get you here," he explained.

"The boys?" Lexie asked, then realised that the four other boys around her bed were the rest of One Direction. "Oh."

"We've contacted your grandma, she's gone to pick your sister up and then she's coming here," said one of the other members, who Lexie believed to be Harry, with a curly mop of hair.

"Word of advice, leave before my sister gets here," Lexie said, taking a sip of water.

"Why?" asked another member, Liam, Lexie thought.

"Because she is your biggest fan. No, wait. Your biggest stalker. Thanks for your consideration guys. Now leave," she said, pulling out her cellphone. Four missed calls from Mom. Oops.

Liam, Harry and the other two left Lexie and Niall alone.

"Did you not hear me? Leave," Lexie said, not even looking up from her cell.

"I just thought maybe..."

"Well you thought wrong. Go," Lexie demanded, looking straight into his eyes.

Niall looked hurt but Lexie couldn't care less. He'd already caused enough trouble, she didn't then need him hanging around her when it was unnecessary.

Ten minutes later, she looked up to see Grandma Jay and Cacey rushing towards her.

"Grandma Jay!" she cried, stretching her arms out to give her grandma a hug.

"Are you feeling OK now sweetie?" Grandma Jay demanded to know.

"I'm fine now, I promise. Can we just go home please?" Lexie asked.

"Course. Let's go."


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