Stole My Heart

Cacey and Lexie live in Nashville, Tennessee. They take a vacation every year to their grandma's house in New York and their other grandmother vacations with them in Nashville, because she lives in County Westmeath, Ireland. Cacey has an obsession with the newest English-Irish boyband, One Direction, but Lexie's not so keen. So when their grandmother drops the bombshell that she can't afford to vacation in America this year, Cacey and Lexie are packed off to Ireland to visit her. Only Cacey finds out that one of the boyband's members lives there and will be there for the week that they are staying with their grandmother. But an unusual turn of events leaves Lexie the one who is involved with the boyband, and not Cacey...


7. Reported.

It was Lexie's second date with Niall. She wanted to look nice, but she wanted to look like herself. So her long hair was carefully styled into perfect ringlets, shortening it by about three inches. She had her high waisted shorts on and a band T-shirt on with her Doc Martens. Her make up was done nicely too with simple eyeliner flicks being the only piece of make-up on her face.

"You look nice," Grandma Jay commented. "You look very like Cacey today."

"What?" Lexie was shocked. When she looked over to Cacey, Cacey stood up. Lexie's mouth fell open.

Cacey was standing there in a pair of high waisted shorts that Lexie didn't even know she owned, a white and blue gigham shirt tucked in, and a pair of light blue Converse. Her hair was flowing loosely to her waist and she had minimal make up on.

"Cace, you look amazing!" Lexie exclaimed in shock, disbelief and happiness. Her sister really did look great.

"Does it look OK? It was all I had," Cacey said shyly.

"You look fantastic. Which reminds me, can I get a lift today?" Lexie asked sheepishly.

"Sure, no problem."

As soon as they were in the car, Cacey started asking questions.

"Why do you need a lift?"

"To the cinema. I'm meeting someone," Lexie said.


"OK, don't freak out OK? It's Niall Horan. Don't tell anyone," Lexie explained.

Cacey's reaction was so unexpected, that Lexie had to laugh.

"Oh my God, you're so lucky! Introduce me to the rest of them?" she begged.

"Ok," Lexie said, laughing. Cacey put on the music full blast and the whole way to the cinema the sisters sung One Direction songs.

As they pulled up to the cinema, there was a crowd of reporters gathered around the entrance.

"Lexie?" Cacey heard Niall call.

"Lex," Cacey said, pointing at the blonde young man trying to push his way through the crowd. Lexie reached out her hand, and Niall pulled her towards him, and Lexie threw her other hand back to grab hold of her older sister, so as not to lose her. Cacey clung on like her life depended on it, and then, in a blur, Liam Payne was pulling her into the cinema and he had his arm around her!

The cinema trip ended with Cacey driving Liam and Niall back to Grandma Jay's, and the four of them settled in front of the television to watch a film. But when Lexie switched on the television, the news flashed up with a picture of Lexie clinging onto Niall's hand, and a picture of Liam with arm around Cacey.

"...So the question is, who are these mystery girls that Niall and Liam seem to be cosy with?" the news reporter read. The screen the switched to the ordeal at the cinema when the girls were getting out of the car and when they were rescued from the crowd by the boys.

"Oh shit," Cacey said.

"Ah, lil' bit," Niall said, looking at Lexie with a concerned look on his face.

"It's OK, they don't know our names, it's fine," Lexie said, putting the film into the DVD player.

The four watched the film, but none of them really paid any attention to it. When it finished, Niall and Liam both left and Cacey and Lexie went up to bed.


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