Stole My Heart

Cacey and Lexie live in Nashville, Tennessee. They take a vacation every year to their grandma's house in New York and their other grandmother vacations with them in Nashville, because she lives in County Westmeath, Ireland. Cacey has an obsession with the newest English-Irish boyband, One Direction, but Lexie's not so keen. So when their grandmother drops the bombshell that she can't afford to vacation in America this year, Cacey and Lexie are packed off to Ireland to visit her. Only Cacey finds out that one of the boyband's members lives there and will be there for the week that they are staying with their grandmother. But an unusual turn of events leaves Lexie the one who is involved with the boyband, and not Cacey...


1. One Direction

"Mom, I don't want to go to Ireland. Can I please stay home?" Lexie begged.

"No! Someone has to make sure your sister behaves herself," Mom said, pulling the suitcase out of the attic.

"Mom, please! All Cacey wants to do is stalk that boyband guy who lives in the same town as Grandma Jay. I want to do stuff, go to the beach, make some friends, not follow some random kid around," Lexie explained.

"Some random kid? Do you have any idea how insulting that is, Lexie?" Cacey said, emerging from her room dressed in a pink dress, pink heels and a pink hair accessory with her hair fashioned into a tight bun that just accentuated her huge dark sunglasses on her face.

"Cacey, is that all really necessary?" Mom asked, climbing down the ladder from the attic to get a better look at her eldest daughter dressed like a giant candyfloss.

"I am going shopping. Of course it's necessary. I don't want to end up dressing like Lexie, do I?" Cacey snapped before flouncing down the stairs.

Lexie glanced at her outfit; high waisted denim shorts tucked into a gingham checked shirt with her Converse sneakers and her hair hanging loose by her waist.

"Do I really look that bad Mom?" Lexie asked.

"Honey, you look gorgeous. You always look gorgeous. Don't let anyone, especially cacey, tell you any different, OK?" Mom said, hugging Lexie tight and handing her a suitcase. "You might want to pack for rain, by the way sweetie," Mom added, before dumping a suitcase in Cacey's bright pink bedroom and putting away the ladder to the attic.

"Great. Rain. This is going to be the worst summer ever."

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