Part One: Moment In Time

When Alexis' birthday comes she gets a big surprise. She's always wanted to meet One Direction. She finally got to. Then Things get serious. Let me know if you want Part 2: Moment In Time


16. The Doctor

Alexis' V.O.P.

Today Harry had the doctors check out my arms. They said that I will go away if I take the meds that he gave me 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon, and night.

"When will it go away?" Harry asked the doctor.

"It should be gone in about 2-3 weeks." The doctor told us. 

"Are you sure?" I said concerned.

"Yes I'm positive." The doctor said.

"When are you due?" Harry asked seeming serious. I laughed and the doctor glared at him. Its hilarious. 

The doctor left and we were getting ready for our concert at 5. It's only 3 but we still need to get ready. 

I did my hair today again. I straightened it and ten I teased it so that it had a bump. After that I but it in a side ponytail and curled the excess hair. I liked my hair like that. After I put my hair like thy I put a little clip over the rubber band so that you couldn't see it. It was a pink little hat with sparkles all over it. It was cute. I put a beanie on then to see what it looked like. It looked good so I kept it on. It was pink also. I put on my outfit then. It was pink skinny jeans with a white and blue zebra print shirt and blue suspenders. My shoes were heels that were DC's and were pink. They were gorgeous. Harry walked in the room that I was in. He didn't say anything. He just looked at me. His eyes were glowing. I hope that's a good sign.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was speechless. She looked so pretty. I didn't know what to say. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. 

"Are you okay Harry?" She asked.

"Uh... I um... I... Yeah. I'm okay." I said. I was shuddering. Bad.

In-between giggles she said "Okay Harry. Whatever you say." 

"Sorry. You just look... Amazing." I said.

"Don't be. And thank you." she said smiling.

We went out to pray with the others. Louis' outfit was almost identical to Liam's. I don't see why they have machine outfits. But whatever. We went out on stage. Alexis wanted to talk to some fans so she threw a walki-talkie out in the crowd and she had the other one. A boy got it the first time. 

"Hi there. What's your name?" she asked him.

"My names Lethal." he said. "I'm a big fan. I'm honored to talk to you." he said.

"Well thank you. How old are you?" she asked.

"I'm 15." he said.

"Wonderful." she said. She walked over to the guard. She whispered something in his ear. He started to walk towards the boy. "Lethal, my guard is going to come get you. I would like for you to come up here and watch closer." she said. She is so nice. He came up and sat on the amp. He seemed like a nice kid. He kind of looked familiar. 

"Hi Harry. Remember me?" He said.

His name isn't Lethal. It's Nathan. He used to be one of the popular kids bak when I was going to school with him. He used I push me around and make fun of me. I used to hate him. "Nathan?" I asked. I didn't knowing it was really him.

"I changed my name to Lethal and moved to a different school when you became famous because people started to hate me." he said. I started to get a little frightened by how he was talking to me. "Don't worry. I'm not here to hurt you or anything. I just want an autograph." he said. I was relieved when he said that. I knew he meant it too. I gave him an autograph and we continued our show. The rest of the night went just swell. 
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