Part One: Moment In Time

When Alexis' birthday comes she gets a big surprise. She's always wanted to meet One Direction. She finally got to. Then Things get serious. Let me know if you want Part 2: Moment In Time


9. Stand Up

Alexis' V.O.P.

What just happened was amazing. I love Harry's kisses so much. 

I'm trying to go to sleep but I just can't. I am so cold! 

I snuck into the boys' room and tapped Harry. He grunted and barely opened his eyes. When he saw that it was me his eyes seemed to light up. That's another thing I like about him. I can always tell when he likes someone through his eyes.

"What's wrong babe?" he said. He must of saw that I was shivering because he walked into my room and was laying down in my bed with me. He had me wrapped in his arms with his chin on the top of my head. I could feel his heartbeat on my back. It was beating hard and fast. I think maybe he's a little nervous. I fell asleep like that and woke up In the same way. It was sweet. 

After the weekend ended and I had to go back to school, Harry said he got lonely with out me. I wish I didn't have to go to school. 

Monday I got up and ready for school and when I got to school it was like I was the most popular girl in school. Sel decided to talk to me. 

"Hi Alexis" She said with a cold-hearted, pathetic laugh. 

"Sel." I said very coldly. 

"Awh is somebody still upset about me kissing your little boyfriend?" She said. 

She started to walk away but I stopped her. "You know what Sel?" I said. "You walk around like you're better than the rest of us. Like you have some special treatment just because you're pretty. And I'm not mad that you kissed Harry. I just don't like you. No one does. Because you act like a priss all the time and it's so annoying. If all of us really tried I'm pretty sure we could be more popular than you. We have real friends. Friends who tell us their secretes, who have our back, who don't talk about us behind our back. Fake friends won't do crap like that. Because they aren't real. You're not real. YOU'RE FAKE!" I said and walked away. 

As soon as I started to walk away I felt someone grab my arm. It was Sel. "Alexis I didn't know that all of you felt that way. Why didn't you tell me sooner?" She said in a softer tone. 

"Because. We were all afraid to. Because of what kind of rumor you would spread about us. But right now I don't care. All I care about is telling you how we all feel. And if you EVER touch Harry again I WILL destroy you and your little clique. Harry is my boyfriend but you wouldn't know that because you didn't stay for him to ask me." I said with a snicker. 

I walked away and for the rest of the day Sel didn't say one word to me. I was glad. Everything I said, I meant it.

Harry's V.O.P.

I'm so proud of Alexis for stepping up to the plate and telling Sel how she felt about her. She needed to get that out. 

"Hey lad, how's it going with you and Alexis?" Niall said as he walked into the room that I was in. 

"We're going pretty good actually. Last night we slept in her bed. She was shivering the whole night." I said. He nodded his head. He seemed to be thinking about something. 

"What's wrong?" I say. 

"Well I was thinking about asking Lauryn out. Ask her to be my girlfriend. She's really pretty and she's just like me." Niall said seeming confused. 

"Niall-Nialler-, ask her. If she didn't like you then she wouldn't cuddle with you or smile around you or let alone be around you. Niall you gotta go for it." I say understanding what he's going through.

"Thanks Harry. You're a good lad." Niall says smiling. As Niall walks out of the room, Angie walks in and sits on the bed with me. 

"Hi Harry." she said. 

"Hello Angie. How are you?" I ask. 

"I'm just fine and dandy." she said smiling what seemed to be a fake smile. 

"So let's cut to the chase? What's wrong?" I asked. 

"I don't mind the kissy kissy smoochy smoochy." she said with a laugh. I chuckled. "And I don't mind any of the sleeping in the same bed as long as you don't do anything. You get what I'm saying?" Angie said trying to sound cool but failing.

"Yeah I gotcha." I said with a little chuckle. Angie walked out of the room then. I was all alone. 

The boys were at the pool-other than Niall who was sitting on the couch watching tv, eating a bag of chips. Of course. 

I've seen Lauryn eat and honestly they would make a good couple. They're just alike. It's unusual how a small town can hold the most amazing people. Joe, Angie, Linsey-Alexis' sister-, Lauryn, and Alexis. 

All I think about is her. I don't know how I'm going to do it without her being on tour with me. I have an idea! 

I walked around the house looking for Joe and Angie. I found them in the pool. I walked out to the pool.

"Hi Joe. Hi Angie." I said with a smile. "I need to talk to you guys." I said a little worried about what they were going to say. 

They got out of the pool and we went inside to sit at the kitchen table. "What's up Harry?" Angie said. 

"Well, I think about Alexis ALL the time. I really really like her. I don't want to be apart from her. I want to ask you if she could go on tour with me...? I know that school is the most important thing in the world for her right now so I will hire special people who will teach Alexis. She will have better schooling than she does now. And if Niall asks Lauryn's mum then she might come too. So she won't be alone. I'll have her back to you as the tour is over. And if it would be okay I would like to buy the house next to yours so that I won't be apart from her all the time." I say very hopefully. 

Angie looks at Joe and he smiles. I hope that means yes. "Are you sure she'll have better schooling?" Joe says. 

"Yes. I'll hire the best. And I'll even pay for her collage." I say. 

"You don't have to pay for her collage." Angie said. 

"But I'm a millionaire. I want to. Don't worry about it. I'll get her into the collage she wants. Don't worry." I say smiling. 

"Then yes" Joe and Angie say smiling. I smile and hug them both. I am so happy. I cannot believe that they agreed. I'm so excited!
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