Part One: Moment In Time

When Alexis' birthday comes she gets a big surprise. She's always wanted to meet One Direction. She finally got to. Then Things get serious. Let me know if you want Part 2: Moment In Time


14. Our First Concert

Harry's V.O.P.

We were on our way to Chicago. Alexis was getting nervous. I could tell. 

We only had an hour until we got there so our hairdressers were doing our hair. Mine took 15 minutes Niall's took 10. Louis' took 20. Liam's took 30. Zayn's took 45. Lauryn's took 5. But for some reason, Alexis' took almost the full hour. They put highlights in her hair. Her hair was curly and Her routs were brown, the bottom layer was brown, the rest was blonde other than one streak of blue and one streak of pink. So the world would know. I want to get A pink and blue stripe too. 

"Hairdresser, could you put a pink and blue streak in my hair too?" I asked. 

"Sure Harry." she answered back. She put the streaks in my hair and it looked really cool. Lauryn's hair was straight. It looked pretty. 

We were all in our red skinny jeans, black shoes, white an blue striped shirts, and black suspenders and we were ready to go. 

"Harry, I don't think I can do this. I can't go out there and sing. I'm going to humiliate myself. I'm gonna do horrible." Alexis says as we walk into our hotel. 

I looked into her eyes. I took her hands in mine and said "Alexis you're going to do fine. I felt the same at my first concert. But I got through it and I didn't humiliate myself. I did fine and so will you. Whenever you get nervous look at me. Just imagine our first kiss. Just you and I. And all that will go away. I promise." I hope she can go through with this. I have faith in her. I know she can do it. 

"Okay Harry." she said. She looked at me and smiled. 

"What?" I asked confused. 

"You said that when I got nervous to look at you and imagine our first kiss. Well I got nervous. I'm not anymore though." She said. I lsmiled back at her. She is so beautiful. I hated how they put makeup on all of us though. It just makes our acne worse. It takes all the real beauty away.

Alexis' V.O.P.

Harry was right. I'm sure I'll do just fine. When I look at him the memories pass. I used to watch him on tv and YouTube. And now? Now I don't have to. Now I can just watch them in real life. With them. My nervousness went away when I look at him. It all goes away. 

We were backstage at the concert now in our dressing rooms. Harry and I shared because they only had 6 dressing rooms. We were just about to go out when Harry said 

"Alexis, come here." I walked over to him and he kissed me. It was so sweet. 

I pulled away and asked "What was that for?" 

Harry looked at me and said "What? I can't kiss my girlfriend and be extremely nervous at the same time?" I was kind of confused. 

"Harry like you said, just look at me and remember your favorite memory of us." I said. 

"Okay." Harry smiled. 

"I love it when you smile Harry. Your dimples are so adorable." I said. All he could do was smile. 

"Come on The-New-Member-Of-One-Direction. We gotta go. We have to go do our rituals before going on stage." Harry said. We held hands on the way out.  

We formed a circle with our arms around each other. We prayed and then after that, we went to the elevated floor tat lifts us to the stage. It was foggy so I can't see very well. We got in our pose that we practiced and the floor rose. As we rose all you could hear was the crowd. I started to get butterflies. I glanced over at Harry and it was gone. 

"Let's do this" I said. 

Liam started off the first song, Then Harry, then me, then Niall, then Louis, then Lauryn, then Zayn. I kept forgetting the lyrics so I decided to have Harry sing with me. We sounded great together and he made me less nervous.

I was over my stage fright now and I went off stage to give some hugs and autographs while the others were singing. Then we did the questions. They made Harry and I have a dance off. I didn't know what I do so I did the only dance I knew. I did the Dougie, the Jerk, and the Spongebob. Harry did his signature move and his swimming guy. I'm having an amazing time.
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