Part One: Moment In Time

When Alexis' birthday comes she gets a big surprise. She's always wanted to meet One Direction. She finally got to. Then Things get serious. Let me know if you want Part 2: Moment In Time


13. Good News

Harry's V.O.P.

Lex seems to sleep more than I do. I got up early this morning to make her breakfast. I was making bacon when Simon walked in. After we had preformed our song he just told us to go away so he could think. He told me he had good news. 

"Harry, Alexis and Lauryn are now officially............. IN ONE DIRECTION!" He almost screamed. 

"SHHHH!! ALEXIS IS SLEEPING!" I said in a loud whisper. "That's awesome Simon thanks." I said smiling. I can't wait to tell Lexi. I wanted to make it a big surprise. 

I'll tell Lex and Lauryn to go out and get us some lunch and when they get back the boys and I will hold up a banner that says 'Congratulations!' and then we'll all say together 'You're in the band!'I'm so excited!!

I walked into the room where Alexis was sleeping before and she was gone. I went into the bathroom and she was in there taking a shower. 

"Hey Alexis, I have breakfast waiting for you! Hurry before Niall eats it all." I say with a little chuckle. She laughed. That's another thing I liked about her. Her laugh. And I like how she laughs at everything I say that's supposed to be a joke but isn't funny at all. Usually I get hit in the balls if I say jokes like that. Most of the time my Louis. 

About 5 minutes later she walked out of the bathroom in a pink robe that said 'Harry's girl' on the back that I had specially made for her. She had her hair wrapped in a towel. She looked cute. 

We all ate breakfast together and had a laugh. Then Alexis came up with an idea. 

"We should all get red skinny jeans, a blue and white striped shirt, black shoes, and black suspenders and wear them to the first concert that we all do together. If we get to do one." I thought it was a pretty good idea. I would do it. All the other boys and Lauryn will. So now we have our outfits for our first concert together. It's going to be amazing. Alexis and Lauryn just pull the whole thing together. It was amazing how two small town girls can help out a big famous group of boys with their singing. It was pretty cool.

Alexis' V.O.P.

I'm glad they all liked my idea of the outfit thing. It'll be so cool if Lauryn and I got in the band. Harry has been making my life complete. The only thing he has left to do is to be with me as long as we live. I hope we will. 

"Hey Lex. Whatcha up to?" Lauryn scared me half to death. She busted up laughing because I screamed. 

"Gotta little scared there huh?" she said. "Oh shut up Lauryn." I said with a smile. 

"How's you and Niall going?" I ask. 

"We're amazing. He's amazing." she told me. 

"I knew you guys were perfect for each other." I said meaning to keep that to myself. 

"Thanks. How are you and Harry?" she asked me. 

"Perfect. I just hope it stays like this. I really like him Lauryn. A lot." I say. 

"I like you too Alexis. A lot." Harry was listening into our conversation. 

"What are we going to do with you? You eavesdropper!" Lauryn said. 

"Hey now, calm down. He didn't hear too much. Did you?" I say winking at Harry. 

"Nope. Not at all." he said snickering. 

"Hey would you guys go get us some lunch I'm kind of hungry." 

Harry said. I looked over at Lauryn. 

"Sure" Lauryn said smiling. We decided to go to Sonic.

Harry's V.O.P.

"The girls just left. We gotta get the banner and be ready." I told the boys. 

"This is exiting." said Niall. 

"Yeah." Zayn said. 

"I think it's exciting to have girls in an all boy band." Louis said. 

"Yeah. Maybe we won't have too many awkward moments between us boys." Liam said with a little laugh. 

"Wow. I didn't think all of you thought that it'd be that cool." I said surprised. They didn't say anything for a while. Then the girls walked in the door. 

We all screamed "WELCOME TO THE BAND!!!!!!!" we were all smiling. 

Alexis screeched and yelled "YAY!!!" and came in and gave us all hugs. She kissed me so I felt special. Lauryn was jumping up and down screaming. We were all so happy. 

"This calls for a group hug!!!" Louis said. Only Louis would. But we came in and were hugging anyways. It was a good day. Alexis got a call. She answered. 

"Pedro? Is that you?" I could only hear her end of the conversation. "Yeah I'm fine. On tour with Lauryn, and the rest of One Direction........ No, no its okay........... Yeah, okay........ Alright, bye." she hung up. 

"What was that about?" I asked. 

"Oh Pedro called me wanting to know if I was okay. And what I was doing." Alexis said. 

"Oh. I see."  

"Yeah." she said. We all ate lunch together and after that we didn't know what to do so we decided to make video diaries. Letting the world know that we have two girls in One Direction is pretty big. I hope my fans won't be disappointed. 

~About an hour or two later~

Alexis' V.O.P.

The fans love us! Yay! That's amazing! I'm famous! And the best part is that I can be famous with my 6 best friends. Lauryn, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. I can tell them anything. And I love that. 
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