Part One: Moment In Time

When Alexis' birthday comes she gets a big surprise. She's always wanted to meet One Direction. She finally got to. Then Things get serious. Let me know if you want Part 2: Moment In Time


10. Asking Alexis

Alexis' V.O.P. 

Harry just asked me the question of my dreams. Well not the only question of my dreams but one of them. 

"Hey Alexis. Do you want to come on tour with me? I already talked with your parents and they said it's up to you. You're going to get home schooled on the tour bus and Lauryn might come with. And if we work on your singing, you guys could preform with One Direction. You can share parts with me and Lauryn can share parts with Niall." Harry asked me. He asked me out of no where. What an amazing day. 

"Of course Harry!" I say and jump into his arms for a hug. I can't believe this is happening! This is the best year of my life! 

Harry's V.O.P.

She said yes! I'm so excited! I'm so glad that her and her parents said yes! Alexis is going to sing with me! She's going to become famous. Then we can be happy together. Without all the people asking 'Whose this Harry?Where did she come from? Why her?'. I'm just still so happy. Maybe Lauryn and Alexis could be a duet. Or they can become a part of One Direction! This is going to be amazing. I can feel it. 
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