It Only Last Once

Madi Payne has the perfect Life. She has a brother who is in One Direction. But when she has the best week with them, turns out it didn't happen at all! Find out why and will she get a fairy tale ending?


6. What Happened?

When we all got home from Dave and Busters, we were all tired and I guess they all stayed over because I found Niall in my bed, Louis and Hannah on the ground, Zayn Lucy on my little bench, Harry and Georgia on the foot of my bed  and Liam and Megan cuddled up in a corner! They were all sleeping so I just fell back asleep back in Niall's arms.❤I finally woke up the second time and Niall was by my bed holding a big red velvet box in his hands and starring at me. Morinin Beautiful! Niall said with his sexy groggy voice. He handed me the box and I opened it. Aw Niall it's Perfect! I screamed! He put the locket on my wrist and we headed down stairs for breakfast. No one was down there because Niall told everyone to go in he guest bedroom and watch a movie. There probably watching toy story. Oh Liam. Right when I sat down I started to hear voices but no mouths were moving and everyone was in the back of the house in the guest bedroom. Then everything went Black.
Hey guys im srry its short but i had to have a cliff hanger so it would get you more into it and trust me the next chapter will be mind blowing!! Well ily all i love all my snowflakes! I might update sunday right before school starts Monday the 20th. Plz, comment if you want or want to give me any ideas so Bye my little SnowFlakes! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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