It Only Last Once

Madi Payne has the perfect Life. She has a brother who is in One Direction. But when she has the best week with them, turns out it didn't happen at all! Find out why and will she get a fairy tale ending?


3. Tired of Thinking

Chapter 3

That night I laid in bed staring at my ceiling. I wondered if I should call and apologize? Since I made the remark, maybe there will never be a chance for us to happen. There only going to be in town for another week. As I laid there, I was thinking about the chances with my friends. Will they hate me? That thought stayed in my head till I drifted asleep. 
The next day I woke up to the door ring.  I open the door and Niall, Harry, and Zayn were standing there with a " forgive me, I didn't know" look on there face. I was speechless for quite awhile. Then I invited them in but I had on a tank top with sweatpants and my hair all crazy. 
"were really sorry and we had no idea that Louis and Liam knew. Other wise I would have not called you." Niall mentioned. I felt very terrible the way I acted. I'm so sorry guys.! 
" no we're sorry. "
As I told them I would be back because I looked like a slob as I ran up stairs, I heard them talking about someone but I couldn't put my finger on it.  Oh well. I rushed down while making a bunch of noises. I sat right on our couch and sneaked I hug from Niall. It felt so good everything was good between us. Now I'm just mad at Louis and Liam.
"we have a problem with that Madi." exclaimed Niall, Harry, and Zayn. " there might be a conflict."
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