It Only Last Once

Madi Payne has the perfect Life. She has a brother who is in One Direction. But when she has the best week with them, turns out it didn't happen at all! Find out why and will she get a fairy tale ending?


10. The Truth Comes Out

Chapter 10:

MADI's POV: Everyone please be quiet so the DR can speak! Ok you may go on DR James. " well, you might be able to go home today if your ready. I just need your Brother to sign some stuff. " I HAVE A BROTHER?! I yelled. Where is he? What's his name? How old is he? STOP! Louis put his hand over my mouth as he yelled. Ok, me, Harry and Zayn are going to go look for Liam your older brother ok?! Louis said as they headed out of my room leaving me alone with Niall. As soon as they walked out, Sam came in strolling in or i think is, and embracing me in a hug then ran back out and came back in with Zayn? Niall finally got to his head to say something, " I really need to talk to Madi so would you mind? " whatever," she sneared. So Niall, What did you want to talk about and besides I never got to tell you that the kiss that we had at Dav and Busters was amazing!
NIALL's POV: What? Ive never kissed Madi, well i would love to but liam would KILL me but thats not the point right know. She says that i have kissed her at dav and busters but we have never gone there yet. ok im going to ask her why she thinks this. Madi? " Because wait, why are you guys here? You guys should be on tour right?" Madi blurted out. Um no Madi, we have a 6 month break and please answer my question ok? I stuttered saying. " Fine, she sneared. Because it all started when you called and needed me to pick you up from the airport with the boys and i brought my friends too. I ran up to you and you gave me the best hug a girl could ever recieve. Then as i was driving you guys there were fans up and down the highways all getting ready for your concert and i got so mad that i thought that you had used me. But it wasn't true. You were telling the truth that you had no idea that there was a concert but Liam and Louis knew the hole time and i thought you guys had used us but i was wrong. Then you, Harry, and Zayn came over and explained everything.then that night we went to Dav and Busters and you won me a big teddy bear then gave me a kiss but i didn't kiss you back because we are best friends. The next day i woke up with you in my bed and we went down stairs for breakfast but when i sat down, everything went black and i woke up here in the hospital " Woah, you know you didnt need to ramble off about everything. And that was the most creative story ive heard. I told back. " Dont pretend you dont remember, you were there Niall!" she Protested. Im sorry, i said sympathetic like. Im so sorry to burst your bubble but that never ever happened and you could tell the story to the guys and they would agree that the whole story that you told me never happened because I've never been to Dav and Busters is one thing and we drove here we never took a plane here. Wait, when you said that you went black then woke up here. Then that whole story was just a dream because you woke up here and this is reality last time I checked. So I'm going to get the DR. ill be right back. As i closed the door, I thought to my self, she didn't kiss me back in her dream and she said because we were friends! Yeah i know I've known her and Liam forever but ever since i had laid eyes on her, i kinda knew that i have found the one for me.
A/N: Hey guys! I really hope you enjoy this chapter! One of my favorites❤ So comment, like and favorite! It means a lot! ily!❤
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