It Only Last Once

Madi Payne has the perfect Life. She has a brother who is in One Direction. But when she has the best week with them, turns out it didn't happen at all! Find out why and will she get a fairy tale ending?


2. Tears stream down my face

Chapter 2

I got Jennifer's attention so she could see what was wrong. She just gasped and turned right to Liam and Louis. They both were blushing. I should have known. They lied because there where fans up and down the high way getting ready for the concert tonight. I was so mad. I could have had steam come out my ears. I slammed on the breaks so hard that Harry and Georgia flew across the car! 
"we can explain!" cried Liam.
"There's no need to because u used us." I answered back. I rode them to the stadium and jerked to a stop. We screamed 
"get out!" When they got out, I turned the car around right away. As i was driving home I had tears coming  down my checks. I try not to make a sound. I just kept on saying why me? I've known them forever! When I got home from dropping my friends off, I pulled out some old pictures from when we were all very young. I glanced over and saw Jenny and Liam in the picture and they were by the park on the swings holding hands! Awwwwww! They were so cute!  I literally fell in love when I saw Niall and me by the dock. I had on my shorts and my favorite V-neck shirt. As i looked  closer in the picture, i saw me holding hands.I instantly knew that it was not Niall's fault. I could see the innocent in his face... </3
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