It Only Last Once

Madi Payne has the perfect Life. She has a brother who is in One Direction. But when she has the best week with them, turns out it didn't happen at all! Find out why and will she get a fairy tale ending?


5. Party Time!

It was so deep down from there heart! I couldn't believe it! We all huddled in for a big group hug. We didn't let go for a couple of minutes. In my head I was thinking this is going to be an awesome summer!

 As soon as we had let go, Hannah jumped into Louis arms as he sat down on the couch. It was so cute! Georgia and Harry were talking like always. 

As I glanced over, 
I saw Megan and Liam about to kiss �� for the first time! But Lucy and Zayn jumped on them so it didn't happen.�� I suggested that we should go out for dinner to Dav & Busters! As we all got ready, I grabbed Niall's hat and ran out the door to the car where he grabbed me by my hips and picked me up! By then everyone was in the car but Louis and Hannah.

 Georgia was so mad that she got out of the car and got the 2. As they came out, they were holding hands!❤ On the way there, Niall pulled out his guitar so we all started singing. As we pulled up, I admitted it was an awesome car ride so far! 

We couldn't even take one step into the place because it was at full capacity! Our luck even got better because it started to pour! So we all ran to get our jackets and got back in line. Luckily the boys had on jackets, hats, and sunglasses so no one recognized them! It was getting late and I wondered if they closed early but they didn't close till 4:00am so Niall sorta screamed Party Time! (in the voice that he did in video tour diary 4) Then everybody laughed! 

The cutest thing was that Niall won me a giant teddy bear from the claw machine!!❤ I leaned over and he gave me kiss�� that lasted so long! By then I knew he was the right one! The way he pressed his lips against me it felt like a puzzle piece match! 

Your are welcome to comment on the wall saying to update I don't mind it at all because I live it when you guys do it! I love you all and I'm srry I haven't been updating I've been writing more to this! Again, I love you all! ❤ so Like Favorite and tell your friends because this is my first Fanfic! ❤������
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