Stole my heart.

Alyssa Wood is just a normal young lady until one day she bumps into Louis Tomlinson and her life changes...


4. Meeting the gang

Today was the day i met the rest of One Direction, I was really excited and not nervous at all! And that was very wierd seeing as though I got nervous very easily. I was the most excited about seeing Zayn on the posters in my room he has the most dreamy chocolate coloured eyes a girl could ever wish for and i knew i wouldn't be able to stop smiling as soon as i saw them, and Harry has perfect smile, Louis has an amazing sense of humour, Niall has the cutest accent ever and Liam has most gorgeusest hair EVER!!! I hope they liked me other wise I don't know what would happen? I know Louis likes me and I like him.


4:30 PM already! I need to get ready! I slipped out some clothes, this time I wore some leggings with skull and crossbones on - my favourites! - with an illuminous pink jumper i then slipped on my red vans and a cream bag with a black quilted jacket and then just put some mascara and foundation on and left my hair as it was. Done!


Louis and the gang lived on a back street in London, it was quite hidden away so that the paperazzi couldn't get to them. As I walked down the cobbles my nerves calmed down and I was feeling normal. Knocking on the door I heard voice that sounded like Louis' saying: " It will be Alyssa, Zayn get the door." Oh no. It was Zayn answering the door! I was Going to freak. Just smile Ally, I said to myself, but no I had to act up, perfect moment to choose. Luckily when the door opened I was fine again and just smiled. " Come in." he began. I walked into their massive apartment and couldn't help but let my mouth drop to the floor.

" Close your mouth Alyssa! You'll catch flies!" Said Louis trying to be funny as always, I'd only known him four days and I already knew what he was like. I looked around the room and saw everyone in the group, apart from Liam.

" Wheres Liam?" I asked wanting a reply

" In the shower," Replied Harry " Come, site down Ally, can I call you that its just shorter thats all? "

"Sure!" I sat down and we watched television for a bit, I felt quite special, I was sat on One Directions sofa with One Direction. After five minutes of watching television, I hear someone come down the spiral stairs, its was Liam. And all he was wearing was a towel as he had just come out of the shower. I looked away quickly before he noticed me staring.

" Oh sorry I didnt know we had a guest," He said acting like he had some clothes on. He sat down next to me and I could feel his warm skin against mine.

" Hi I'm Liam," He said to me smiling, " and you are?"

" Alyssa, or call me Ally, Harry does." Harry nodded and we carried on watching TV.

Finally Niall got up and raded the fridge for some food, I knew he was a big eater - who didn't? - when he couldn't find anything hhe asked if we wanted to order a pizza everyone said yes and he went into the hallyway to order it.

When the pizza came, Liam and I shared one we had a pepperoni pizza with fries and ketchup. It was delicious.

I had a great night with the boys and bonded closely with them, I felt I had created a warm friendship with them and that i would me seeing them more often.

As I was about to leave I suddenly started to feel dizzy, I asked for some painkillers but by the time Zayn had got up to go get them I was already on the floor unconcious...

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